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The CandlestickTrader Expert Advisor can trade efficiently with the minimum drawdown in case the settings are mild enough. The EA analyzes candles according to a specified algorithm and enters the market if a price movement continues on the timeframe the EA is launched at. The product has been developed for five digits! It has not been tested on four digits!

The EA is launched at different timeframes with the certain parameters described below per each timeframe. Test the settings with your brokerage company, since different brokers may provide different data. Otherwise, I would have simply built all settings into the EA. Select profit and risk at your discretion. The more symbols and timeframes are used, the more frequently trades are made.

If lots of trades have been opened simultaneously and the error alert has appeared, it means that there have not been enough funds to open one of the orders and the EA is to be disabled. In this case, wait for closing of a part of trades and then disable AutoTrading button and enable it again after a few seconds. The EA that did not have enough money will restart and track the chart again. The EA status is shown in the upper left corner of the chart.

Trades are opened infrequently. Market entries are usually performed during strong movements after financial news releases.


  • TakeProfit - take profit
  • StopLoss - stop loss. The default value is 1 000. This is approximately 10% of $1 000, while Lot is 0.1
  • Lot - order size
  • Factor MIN - cut off small candles. Decreasing the parameter leads to more deals. However, the drawdown increases as well.
  • Factor MAX - cut off big candles. If you increase the parameter, you may finally meet a large candle followed by a roll-back or a reversal.
  • Magiс - individual number for orders if you want a deal to be managed by another EA.
  • Comment - order comment.

The lot of 0.1 is recommended for $1 000.

The settings with the drawdown of 8% with no negative deals:

Currency pair Timeframe Factor MIN Factor MAX Take profit
EURUSD M30 0.005 0.0055 100
EURUSD H1 0.0065 0.02 100
EURUSD H4 0.008 0.0085 1 000
AUDUSD M15 0.005 0.007 100
AUDUSD M30 0.006 0.007 150
AUDUSD H1 0.004 0.0045 150
GBPUSD M15 0.005 0.03 100
GBPUSD M30 0.008 0.03 300
GBPUSD H1 0.008 0.03 300
GBPUSD H4 0.0125 0.02 100
USDCAD M15 0.0065 0.008 300
USDCAD M30 0.0065 0.008 300
USDCAD H1 0.0065 0.008 100
USDCAD H4 0.007 0.009 100
USDJPY M15 0.25 0.6 150
USDJPY M30 0.275 0.35 150
USDJPY H1 0.675 1 150

You can pick up the settings for other symbols on your own or find them in this table later.

2015.11.06 22:43 

Excellent Product!

Stacey B.
2015.09.14 18:51 

Reliable product. But very few amount of trades. Would be great to have an indicator, based on this strategy.

Version 5.4 - 2015.07.28
Removed reverse settings as being of no use (at clients' requests).
Optimized operation for scalping strategy.
Version 5.3 - 2015.07.27
Changed TP setting principles. In the version 5.3, TP is set after an order has been placed. This is important for the EA settings with a small TP value.
Version 5.2 - 2015.07.14
Added the ReverseOrders parameter - reversal of trades being opened.
Added the WithSpread parameter - current spread is subtracted from TP when opening trades.
Added the Repeats parameter - number of attempts to open an order.