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SPARTACUS is a Forex Expert Advisor which does not use any indicators and has several filters and trading strategies based on the market volatility within the specified period of time. The EA does NOT use high-risk Forex strategies, like Martingale or order grid.

The EA is easy adapted for the current market strategy. Several dozens or even hundreds of market orders can be found at the same time and the EA will close them by a total profit. All parameters are easy-to-set and user-friendly. VPS server is required.

Do not interfere the EA's operation. You can violate its operation which may lead to losses. Working time frames are set in its parameters. There is a function of risk limitation as % of the deposit. The EA will close all orders and start operation all over again when value of this function will be reached.


  • BalanceRisk — calculation of trading lot from the balance/free margin;
  • FixedLots — fixed lot if BalanceRisk == 0;
  • SpreadControl — maximum allowed spread size;
  • MagicNum — magic number for orders;
  • MinProfit — minimum profit to close orders in %;
  • TakeProfit — close all when a certain profit in % is reached;
  • MaxDrawdown — maximum drawdown level in %;
  • SizeClosing — partial or full closing of orders in %;
  • MaxAttempts — number of attempts to open an order;
  • DelaySeconds — pause between attempts in seconds;
  • Slippage — maximum price slippage;
  • BarAnalyze — number of bars for the market volatility analysis;
  • TFAnalyze — time frame for the market volatility analysis;
  • FactorVolatility — order opening frequency filter;
  • TFSignPattern — time frame for the signal analysis and search of patterns;
  • BarPatternRatio — ratio of bars to confirm a pattern;
  • ShowInfo — display/hide information on the trading;
  • TextColor — displayed data color.
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