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Smart Harmony

After a six-year research, I created the Smart Harmony Expert Advisor. Before purchasing it, you can check the demo EA.

My Smart Harmony Expert Advisor finally ranked the 14th place in the Automated Trading Championship 2012. The trading concept of this Expert Advisor is a stable profit, usage of Stop Loss, Take Profit and trailing stop. Smart closing order system works responsively (strives to closing positions with profit, no matter how large they are). The Expert Advisor has been designed for multiple trading sessions, but for a higher safety it can trade once in a session.

Smart Harmony works during London and New York sessions on GBPUSD and 15 minutes (M15) timeframe using market orders (not pending).

I will strive to upgrade the Expert Advisor to make it more profitable. An example of excellence of this Expert Advisor is the monthly growth value of 48.98% in the Automated Trading Championship 2012. This is a natural growth without fluctuations. The evidence of reliability of my Expert Advisor is demonstrated on the screenshoots.

Input Parameters

  • LONG POSITION=true, available for open Buy, if false, the EA will not open Buy.
  • SHORT POSITION=true, available for open Sell, if false, the EA will not open Sell. If you believe the trend is rising or falling, you can choose one of them.
  • RSI BOTTOM LEVEL=30; The EA opens Buy at RSI value <30.
  • RSI TOP LEVEL=70; The EA opens Sell at RSI value >70.
  • Start=0; The EA begins opening every day in the same hour or time at the server/broker time.
  • End=14; The EA stops opening every day in the same hour or time, but is still working for trailing stop and closing the trade.
  • Neraca=10 000; If the initial balance + profit >=10 000, the EA stops working.
  • Multiple trade=true; The EA will run and open trade more than one time; if false, it trades only once, as well as when Neraca=initial balance.
  • Upper limit=11.8; Buy in the RSI value zone: 11.8 to 30.
  • Lower limit=85.5; Sell in the RSI value zone: 70 to 85.5.
  • CloseBuy=99; Close Buy at RSI >99, always in positive profit.
  • CloseSell=2; Close Sell at RSI<2, always in positive profit.
  • Bull_up=0.0002 and Bull_dn=0.00109; Buy in the zone 0.0002 to 0.00109 of Bulls Power indicator.
  • Bull_up2=0.0112 and Bull_dn2=0; Sell in the zone 0 to 0.0112 of Bulls Power indicator.
  • Bears1=0; Sell if the Bears Power indicator <0 or negative.
  • Lots=0.1; If profit = 40 pips, your money 40 USD or another currency.
  • Take Profit=300; When the profit reaches 300 pips, the EA automacally closes the trade.
  • Trailing Stop=66; Stop Loss is moving after 66 pips of positive profit.
  • Stop Loss=47; The loss is fixed at 47 pips of negative profit.

Note: Orders are always opened at the bottom of the Lower limit or the top of the upper limit of the Bollinger Bands indicator.

If you have purchased the product, please contact me any time. I will always serve you with pleasure.

Author: champions763, wywidit@gmail.com.

Mahadir Abd Aziz
2013.08.10 15:06   


I already purchase this EA couple weeks ago. My equity increase 80usd from 200usd (total now 280usd) with only 2 times trade.

Good communication and fast response.

Hope it will better in August 2013.

Version 3.0 - 2015.06.01
Unlike the previous version, the accuracy of Bulls and Bears power shown by numbers in the input parameters representing the strength of Bullish and Bearish RSI indicator is based on price zone upper and lower limits, i.e.: between 20 to 30, 70 to 80.
Version 2.16 - 2013.09.02
The Smart Harmony EA has been updated to shows its icon. The EA now is more accurate and responsive.