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Bleris Pro

I published Bleris Lite strategy at the Code Base (here https://www.mql5.com/en/code/11966) earlier and it was very popular.

But now I am very happy to introduce a professional version of this system called Bleris Pro.

Strategy is based on combination of indicators. Main one is the CCI indicator. Strategy opens trades when the CCI is overbought or oversold and the price reaches new high or low levels.

Order management is adjustable because we can setup distance between orders and maximum number of orders for each direction (SELL or BUY).

Strategy can be controlled by trailing stop loss or trailing profit target. The size of SL and TP can be set as an absolute value or with ATR indicator.

All open positions can be controlled togehter in some cases (if you don't want to use stop loss you can use LossUSD parameter which will close all positions).

Bleris Pro was developed with very good time management. You can allow or disable trading for each day (from Sunday to Friday) within timezones.

You can find new settings for GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDCAD there which are updated every second month.

Please feel free to contact me (http://bleris.com/contact/) if you have any questions about the product.


  • MagicNumber: If you plan to use Bleris Pro on more symbols use different magic number for each Bleris.
  • EATimeframe: No matter on which timeframe Bleris is working. It depends on this value. Use one of the following:
    • 0 = PERIOD_M1;
    • 1 = PERIOD_M5;
    • 2 = PERIOD_M15;
    • 3 = PERIOD_M30;
    • 4 = PERIOD_H1;
    • 5 = PERIOD_H4;
    • 6 = PERIOD_D1;
    • 7 = PERIOD_W1;
  • Lots: Basic lot value (example 0.10)
  • Lots10K: Default = 0. If you plan to use management than set Lots value into Lots10K. Lots10K is a lot size for 10,000 USD account.
  • OrdMax: Maximum number of open orders for each direction (SELL and BUY)
  • OppositeLotsMultiplier: Increasing or decreasing lot size for each next order. For decreasing use -1 to -0.1. For increasing use 0.1 to 3 or more (more = aggressive).
  • SL and TP: Set value for 5 digits broker. 1000 = 100 pips. If you set UseATR, please remember to setup SL and TP as a multiplier of the ATR value. For ATR set SL and TP to sizes from 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 to 5.0.
  • TrailingSL and TrailingTP: If you plan to trail SL or TP or both
  • ProfitUSD and LossUSD: Close all orders if sum of profits reaches LossUSD or ProfitUSD (can be combined with SL and TP or can be used without SL and TP). It's an absolute USD value.
  • LossUSDTrade: Control of each trade. If profit of trade reaches predefined USD amount it will be closed. It's an absolute USD value.
  • SumDividedByTrades: This value will use ProfitUSD and LossUSD as an average loss or profit per one trade.
  • UseATR: If you want to use dynamic SL and TP set UseATR = true. SL and TP values must be set as multipliers of the ATR value (set SL or TP from 0.1 to 5.0)
  • ATRBars: If UseATR = true, set number of ATR bars.
  • Indicator: There is only one indicator at this time, so default is 1.
  • IndPeriod: Number of bars in history of the chart which will be used for the indicator. From 5 to 10, 30, 50, 200... or more
  • IndDivergence: Value for the indicator. For bigger EATimeframe use bigger IndDivergence. Start from 0.1, to 1.0 or 3.0
  • FilterLevel: Bigger level = less trades, but safer. Start from 30 to 250. Default is 200.
  • CounterTrend: If you want to get an opposite signal set CounterTrend to true. Default is CounterTrend = false;
  • AnotherOrderPips: Distance between trades in points. 600 menas 60 pips between trades
  • TimeZone: Bleris doesn't use classic time because its not effective for optimiziation. Timezones start from 0 and end with 209. If you want to trade all the time use number 19 (from 0:05 to 23:55).
  • Sunday - Friday: Turn on new positions opening for selected days. Default Sunday = false, Monday to Friday = true;

If you set some days to false, please remember that Bleris Pro is still working. And still controlling your trailing of SL and TP and ProfitUSD and LossUSD values. When false is set Bleris Pro stops opening new trades.

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Version 1.50 - 2016.06.14
Latest version.

Updated indicator.
EA can now be optimized with only 1 year of historical data. It works nicely in real.
Version 1.47 - 2016.04.28
New update 1.46

Really new core of the Expert.

It contains three nice indicators:
CPM, WHL, and MA which you can choose for your trading and instrument.

It conatins new stop loss based on long EMA.
Break Even functionality is now ready, such as TP reduce when order reaches predefined amount of pips in drawdown.

Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback or comments.

For new set files, please read MQL5 comments.
Version 1.3 - 2015.08.03
The new upgrade 1.3 has two new enhancements:

1) Parameter Timezone has been replaced by StartHour, StartMinute, EndHour and EndMinute.

2) The main improvement is the addition of Williams' Percentage Range Divergence!
It's a very nice indicator with very good results of forward testing.

You can use it by setting parameter "Indicator" to "3".
New parameters:

WPRPeriod = Period of Williams' %R (default 50)
StartBar = Indicator starts counting from this bar (default 2);
WPRlevelPrev = The highest/lowest level of %R in the past (default 10, range 10 to 45);
WPRlevelNow = The highest/lowest level of %R now (default 2, range 1 to 20);
MinDivergencePerc = Minimal %R divergence size (default 8, range from 1 to 98);
MinDivergencePips = Minimal price divergence size (default 50, range from 10 or more);
MaxBarsNow = Bars Range where indicator looking for actual highest/lowest %R (def 10)
MaxBarsPrev = Bars Range where indicator looking for past highest/lowest %R (def 100)

For more informations see the comments and screenshots of settings.
Version 1.2 - 2015.04.14
Added indicator No.2. New indicator achieves better results as you can see in the comments and new screenshots.

Deleted OppositeLotsMultiplier parameter

Added parameters:

NextLotsMultiplier - multiply lots in case of opening other positions after the first one (Lots * NextLotsMultiplier = New Lots), default is 1.

SummarizeLotsForMultiplier - if true, NextLotsMultiplier multiplies the complete sum of opened orders of the same direction as a new order ((BUY 0.1 + BUY 0.2) * NextLotsMultiplier = New Lots).

ReverseKeepLots - when a signal changes and there are some opened orders, Bleris keeps the sum of lots of old orders for the next opposite order (SELL 0.1, SELL 0.10, SELL 0.10 = 0.3 Lots for BUY).

ReverseCloseOrders - close all opened SELL orders in case Bleris receives a new valid BUY signal (and vice versa) if true.

Remember to try the new value for Indicator parameter = 2.