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The EA's operation principle: it places grid pending orders. It has NO Martingale, but it increases a lot in a different way. It has several ways to decrease risks. Works on any pair. The strategy is based on mathematical model only.

The EA has two modules (for buy and sell) which work independently of each other as well as in MT4. I.e. if you open two opposite orders in MT4, the open position will be equal to 0, but there will be two open positions which balance each other.

In MT5 the opposite order closes the previous one in case of execution of this opposite order. The open position is also equal to 0, but open positions are absent.

The NetScalperEA EA save information concerning all open orders and trades on these grounds.

Lot type Lot increase type: 1 - no increase. 2 - following lot exceeds the lowest order (for buying) or the highest order (for selling) by Lot size. 3- when buying the lot size is equal to a size of an open negative position, when selling - to a size of an open positive position (with Lot Step limitation)
Lot calculate type Fixed lot or lot which depends on the deposit
Lot size Lot size (if FIX, it is specified in units, for example 0.3 or 2, if DYNAMIC, it is specified as percentage of the deposit, for example 10, 25)
Lot step When LOT_TYPE_3, it limits maximum lot for each order
Order limit Maximum number of orders in each module
Distance to stop order, pips Indent to place a pending order
Distance between orders, pips Distance between orders in the grid
Profit, pips Order profit
Distance between order series Distance between series of open orders (series forms when number of orders reaches Order limit)
Distance increase Increase of a distance (what fold) if number of orders exceeds Order limit
Stop type Three stops. 1 - placed for each executed order and trailed. 2 - placed for all orders, calculated by an average price. 3 - placed for each executed order but not trailed.
Restart after profit Restart after a position is closed in profit
Profit restart % Profit percentage of the balance to restart
% of losses for restart Drawdown percentage to restart
ordinary spread Spread of the instrument. If spread is double increased, the EA's operation stops until the spread is decreased.
Filter 1 true - not to place an order on the grid level, if an order have already been executed there
Filter 2 true - buy order cannot be placed lower than the highest sell position (otherwise for selling)
Move mid price 1 Move the middle price of the buy module in case of profit in the sell module, and vice versa
Move mid price 2 If selling has been performed lower than buying, these positions are removed from the grid
Continue? !!!VERY IMPORTANT PARAMETER!!! The EA saves all data concerning the current grid status, so the terminal can keep working with the grid after restart. That is why when you LAUNCH IT FOR THE FIRST TIME, or if you want to RESTART the EA, set it to FALSE, and change it to TRUE after launching. Check this flag BEFORE further launching. If you launch the EA when the flag is enabled, all data about your past operations will be lost and you will not get profit.
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