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BoT Gui MT4 Tools

Hello, my name is Bob and this is the BOT Gui EA. It stands for Best of Tools. It is a good addition to the functionality of MetaTrader 4.

Over the years I have made many EAs in order to solve the shortcomings of MetaTrader. Only recently I have merged all in one easy-to-use EA with buttons. If you are looking for an EA that opens and closes orders fully automatically , and also makes profit in the long run... Stop your search. Believe me when I say that it does not exist. Learn how the market works, follow the news and connect some trendlines. That's basically all to develop your own trading style.

All functions of the BOT are made so you can easily, conveniently and quickly trade with mt4. It is the only EA that I use and I offer it for a very reasonable price.


  • Money Management, the lotsize adjusted to your stop loss and specified risk in %.
  • Place trend lines and horizontal lines and name them to a function. Functions such as Stoploss, Breakeven, Take Profit, Alert, Sell, Buy. It is quick and easy to set up a trade.
  • Stoploss shows you how much the risk is in your currency before you open the trade.
  • Trail your stop loss and take profit according to the trend.
  • Put alerts at trend lines or at the trend breakout.
  • Sends your alerts on your mobile device.
  • Use buttons to quickly and easily manage your lines.
  • Stoploss and take profit are hidden from your broker. It will still use a hard SL when your computer falls out.
  • Trade News events. Set start and stop vertical lines to indicate the times at which trades are allowed to open.
Sehn 2017.04.13 02:40 

Great expert, Been using it with good success

Version 1.2 2015.04.27
Minor updates
Fixed the lots calculation.
Fixed the loss calculation.