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MF Index EA
Alena Lysenkova
" MF Index EA " is an excellent scalper for trading on the Forex currency market. It implements the "turned on and forgot" function (use VPS). SL is always applied, which allows you to limit losses. Suitable for all currency pairs, gold, WTI. Working timeframe M30 . The MFI indicator calculates the difference between incoming and outgoing cash flows. If the underlying value of the asset is lower than this difference, it means that there is an increase in the incoming money supply and a bull
200 USD
"RSI 77" is a new Expert Advisor designed for trading on the Forex market (all majors, their crosses, oil, gold). The optimal timeframe is h1. SL and TP are always used to protect the deposit. Autolot and fixed lot. Trading time. Use VPS for better performance. The initial deposit is $100. You can trade on all symbols at the same time, observing money management. The signals for opening a position are based on the readings of the RSI indicator. The best entry points are only from overbought and
200 USD
Equity Chart
Alena Lysenkova
The indicator displays the funds of your candle in the form of a candle chart in real time. Data is written to a file, and loaded when the terminal is rebooted or the time frame is changed. Candle size is automatically scaled to fit your chart. Two settings: the color of the rising candle and the color of the falling candle It is also possible to work with your adviser in the strategy tester. To do this, add a line to the adviser immediately after OnTick () or start () void OnTick () {   
35 USD
The Pennant by Fractal indicator is a universal tool for finding optimal market entry points. Any symbols, timeframes are available. Equipped with alert and PUSH notifications. The pennant is a symmetrical figure of technical analysis, indicating the continuation of the trend, which appears after the update of the local price high or low. As in the case of the flag, a trend move is a flagpole, and a pennant is a narrowing price channel in which the price fluctuation gradually fades. And then th
30 USD