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It can display spreads in figure at the indicator window, the minimum spread and the maximum spread at each cycle, and display the histogram. It can write spread changes to the CSV file. This tool can be used to compare different dealers spreads, or monitor spread changes. News traders can come to know spread changes before or after news release. Traders who hope to know the cost of trades can gather statistics of dealers spreads changes.

At the bottom of the indicator window, it shows the running time, maximum and minimum spreads; each cycle will form a histogram. The red line is the maximum spread, the green line is the minimum spread. In the MT4 installation directory in \MQL4\Files\, it locates the CSV file, which is generated automatically. The name of the file displays specific currency pairs, trading platform, live or demo accounts, such as Spread_EURUSD_FXOpen Investments Inc._Demo_2015.03.16.csv, there will be the time and the specific spread in CSV file. Another file named Spread_EURUSD_FXOpen Investments Inc._Demo_brief.csv shows only corresponding maximum and minimum spreads in a specific time period.

Parameters in the indicator settings: ServerTimeToLocal: if the server time is 14 and the local time is 13, then fill in -1. It shows the local time in the CSV file. The default value is 0, it shows the server time in the CSV file. HourFilter: if True, LocalTimeBegin and TimeLastMinute parameters will be available. You can set to record spread to CSV file in the specific period; if False, these two parameter are ignored. They are ignored by default, the CSV file is written all the time. LocalTimeBegin: from when to start recording to CSV file in local time, if ServerTimeToLocal is 0, then write in server time. TimeLastMinute: how many minutes to record. RecorderDetail: if True, it generates spread changes to the CSV file, if False, changes are not recorded. The default is True. RecorderBrief: if True, it generates brief spread changes into CSV file, if False, changes are not recorded. The default is True.

If parameters are not changed, it will generate the CSV file as soon as you attache this indicator. The CSV file will have server time. If you want to record only at definite time period, or the CSV file to display local time, or not to generate the CSV file, you need to modify the parameters.

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