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Ermou Street

Ermou Street rather than an expert or an indicator is a all-in-one trading assistant easing your trading sessions by providing signals and notifications. It's an assistant rather than a robot - "an assisted steering rather than an autopilot", and now, it autoadjusts itself to any instrument, any timeframe & any circumstance.

How to

First, you should watch the video. Then here's some explanation:

By default, attaching Ermou Street to a chart, you’ll get:

  • A panel
  • Signals: buy (default blue arrow) / sell (default red arrow)

Back end inputs: these parameters are available from the EA tab:

  • Bull/Long/Positive ; R1/R2/R3 levels' color: default blue
  • Neutral ; Pivot: default white
  • Bear/Short/Negative ; S1/S2/S3: default red
  • Signal shift in points: shift of 150 points higher/lower than entry candle by default

The panel is organized so - from left to right:

  • Indicator settings:
    • Optimize using an interval of x bars: number of bars used to optimize, should be inferior to the chart max bars and superior or equal to 1000
    • ... searching for at least x deals: expected numbers of deals for x bars when optimized - should be superior or equal to 2
    • ... starting parameters search from: value to start research from
    • ... to: value to end research to
    • ... with a step of: step between the above values
    • Consider volatility: will filter signals using volatility - be aware that then important signals may be omitted
    • Optimization process: interval, numbers of passes remaining, gain in points by passes, gain in local currency with 1 lot
    • Run optimization: will start optimizing on selected interval

The best profit in points matching your choice for deal frequency is automatically selected.

  • Trade settings:
    • Distance to place orders: the order stop is placed at x points from the signal price (0 - deactivated)
    • Take Profit in points: distance for taking profit at (0 - deactivated)
    • Stop Loss in points: distance for cutting loss at (0 - deactivated)
    • Trailing Stop in points: will follow far of x points a winning deal
    • Risk in %: for automatic lot size adjustement
    • Time filtering - day1:from1-to1/day2:from2-to2
      • Days are: Mon(day), Tue(sday), Wed(nesday), Thu(rsday), Fri(day), Sat(urday), Sun(day), All (everyday)
      • There are no limitations, many time-slot per days are possible (ex.: Mon:8-9/Mon:15-17/Tue:16-18 etc ...)
      • Enter "help" inside the box for a memo
    • Keep synced order pool with signals: no opposite order to new signal will be left in the order pool (ex: signal is now "buy", sell orders are removed)
    • Autoclose position on trend change: no opposite position to new signal will stay opened (ex: signal is now "sell", buy positions are closed)
    • Daily pivots: hide - show
    • Notifications: sound, push, sound and push.

When Ermou Street is attached to a chart, a first optimization is mandatory.

Using 0 as a step, stoploss & trailing reproduces the arrow-to-arrow strategy used to calculate optimization results - it's not more dangerous, as a new signal close automatically the previous one.

ie: BUY - LONG POSITION - BUY - BUY - BUY - SELL (close the position).

When a new signal appears, the levels are automatically calculated, you're notified about and is placed only by clicking the Deal button or from the MT5 app of your phone/tablet. The deal opportunity remains until an opposite signal occurs.

The daily pivots are particularly useful for swing-traders, to adjust stops by yourself (trailing = 0) for example.


  • Push notification: stay connected with the MetaTrader 5 app
  • Sound notification
  • Both: sound & push


Testing the EA within the tester is done using an arrow to arrow strategy. To reproduce it in live, you'll just need to set stoploss, takeprofit, trailingstop to 0 & default step value. Depending the selected symbol, timeframe, results may be from excellent to deceiving.

Known bugs

Let me know.


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Version 8.0 2018.03.14
- Bug fix: max bars on the highest timeframe (D1, MN1)
- Added hedging support
Version 6.0 2018.03.01
- Graphical interface changed for a lighter one
- Code optimization to improve speed and memory consumption
Version 5.7 2017.09.20
- Last optimization results is saved with the last parameters used
- Optimization process improved
- Time filtering function changed (see howto)
Version 5.6 2017.05.22
- Bar counting in charts not yet loaded by the terminal
- The deal is no longer marked as being valid once an order is placed
Version 5.5 2017.04.13
- Format change from "indicator" to "expert" : the concept remaining the same (indicators, signals, notifications, semi-automated)
- Full overhaul :
*** a panel has been added
*** self-optimization & autoreoptimization implemented
*** automatization of standard tasks : stoploss, takeprofit, trailingstop, volume - the positions are fully managed - a click on a "deal" button is needed, all being auto-adjusted
Version 4.1 2017.03.09
- Cleaned code (indicators' old plots)
Version 4.0 2017.02.22
- Can't stand with this memory lack issue warning when working with many charts - so I sacrified the 3 secondaries modules that were finally no longer essentials since the native signals' function has been improved
Version 3.35 2016.10.14
- Last deals scrolling function to adjust volume regarding the previous results corrected.
- Product description updated
Version 3.3 2016.09.14
Minor correction : entries signals recalculated (more sensitive, noise to be reduced via the filter)
Version 3.2 2016.09.07
- Base algo (full with MM, Starter & Basic with no MM)
* filtering reworked
* fix the SL, the lot suggested is based on risk (%)
* Strong reversal sign found : stop reverse order with new sl, new tp, volume to close+new volume at price +/- trailing step
* Strong pursue sign found : overbid at price+/- trailing step with the pending order's new volume (% risk), new sl & new tp
* Low reversal sign : stop reverse order with new sl, new tp, volume to close+new volume at price +/- trailing step
* Low reversal sign (standard exit) is no longer showed for past bars, but for news bars and if a position has been opened
- Secondaries modules aren't no longer usable as entries signals, I do refine the strategy as I learn
- Modules activated in the settings are loaded & exclusively used to monitor signals
* Positive signal upon a opened position : trend continue, overbid @ actual price, new volume, new stop, new tp
* Negative signal upon a opened position : trend may reverse, stop or lot decreasing @ price +/- trail step
* These signals are no longer showed for past bars, but for news bars and if a position has been opened
- The value of Positive/Negative signal differs from the signals of the base algo
* Guidance : support/resistance zone, the more square you'll get there, the stronger is the resistance/support you'll find there
* Hastiness : many diamonds of the same color suggests a reversal, otherwise the diamonds is read as an acceleration phase
- Option to deactivate levels' drawing on chart to decrease memory consumption
- In this new version, trailing stops are calculated in points (no longer based on the average x bar size), I judge it more common and so on more easy to appreciate
- An option to activate/deactivate it has been included : true : will look for a trail & notify it / false : won't.
- The TP has been added in the notifications
Version 3.1 2016.08.30
- Cleaning modules' code to increase performance and speed
Version 3.0 2016.08.24
- Code cleaned
- Ease the use of arrow-to-arrow strategy by improving the whole system
- Improved filtering (0 = no filter on main signals)
Version 2.9 2016.05.16
- Options to display or no the secondaries & tertiaries signals : more minimalistic & often enough, useful particulary when used with notifications.(basic & full version)
- Corrected array out of range error when there were not enough bar for calculation on the chart
Version 2.8 2015.11.20
- Missing a function call needed to check positions states before opening a new one
Version 2.7 2015.10.12
- Bug corrected in MM
Version 2.6 2015.08.07
- Another displaying bug corrected (!)
- Added two features:
* You now can disable notification for signals II as a reliable strategy Ermou St. provides the ability to pass from a BUY to a SELL directly (Higher TF +++)
* You now can disable notification for trailed deals for which profit is negative (turned off you can still adjust negative profit trails)
Version 2.5 2015.08.06
- Filter's timeframe now fixed
- Profit to save wasn't displayed when notified
Version 2.3 2015.06.19
- Pivots lines available on chart as an indication
- Clean notification system
- On sale as it's an end-product
Version 2.2 2015.05.27
- Minor bug in MM corrected
- "Carry Trading" - get benefits holding long-standing positions
Version 2.1 2015.05.07
- Corrected bugs on 2ndaries signals
- Improved acceleration & directional module
Version 2.0 2015.04.15
- Improved acceleration phase (diamond) of a signal prediction. Now, it comes up earlier.
- Imrpoved notification system: added an option to show (true)/ hide (false) signals regarding their swap (useful when carrytrading).
- Reduced memory consumption.
Version 1.9 2015.04.08
Minor upgrade to correct a bug in lot/sl calculation.
Version 1.8 2015.04.02
- Improved filter logic in order to make tracking signals on different timeframes more efficient
Version 1.7 2015.03.31
- Improved monitoring via Push:
* Shows the timeframe, on which the signal for an MTF deal tracking appears.
* Once a position opened (i.e. long), a 2nd "long" arrow is displayed as a strong trend confirmation sign.
* Once a position opened (i.e. long), a 2nd "short" arrow is displayed as a strong reversal sign.

- Contract updater (active trades only): when a contract expires (i.e. Ger30Mar15), it opens the new one (Ger30Jun15) with the same settings and closes the old one if no position held.

- Added a Trend Preview: Bullish/Bearish/Flat (retrospective).

- Added a rent for 6 months: less would be irrelevant if working on M30 and more.

- Fixed minors bugs:
* Should not show the "... too slow, rewrite ..." any longer, seems also VPS ready
* Should not show the "Array out of range" any longer
* Correction of the levels lines drawing
* NormalizeDouble on lots size (push/expert tab)

TODO: Pearson's index implementation, not yet sure how.