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This is a Multi-Pair Expert Advisor with very accurate 5 exclusive strategies for Forex Market!

The EA's concept lays in recognition the best pair to open orders. The EA compares 28 pairs from EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, JPY, CHF, USD, GBP currency combinations.

Expert Advisor Parameters:

  • Open Trades with spread less than: 15 (default). The EA will not open orders with pairs having spread higher than the parameter value
  • Market Trend Minimum percentage: 50 (default). More than 50% in Market Trends means that the market is having a good bias moment to open orders. Less than 50% the trends means that the market is very noisy, so it is not a good moment to open an order. (You can disable this filter adding 0 value in properties)
  • Rally Pairs minutes back: 40 (default). This function gives you a sum and average value of the last "XX" minutes in pips for each pair. This value is for using TradeRally strategy. You can choose a value from the last 5 to 1440 minutes. Could be setup with any minutes values, like 13, 47, 55, 178 minutes back. Time Frame numbers, like 5, 15, 60, etc. do not matter
  • Lot Size: XX: the size of lots used by the EA for opening orders
  • Stop loss for each order in pips: 0 (default). This function adds a fixed Stop Loss value to every opened order
  • Take Profit for each order in pips: 0 (default). This function adds a fixed Take Profit value to every opened order.
  • Negative amount to close all opened trades (-xxxx) and profit amount profit to close all opened trades (+xxxx).
    Example: if you set Profit Amount to 40, all orders will be closed when you have 40$ positive sum of all orders in equity. And negative amount -100 will close all opened orders in negative sum of 100$ in your equity
  • EA needs to be activated and run all time. If you use EA with the option "Close at equity values positive or negative", you may need to activate a VPS.
  • Use Only Time windows below: FALSE - EA will be actived to open orders all time. TRUE - the EA will only be actived and open orders in time of London, N.York and Tokyo markets operation (you need to configure time ranges depending on your broker time). Recommended use: 30 min time range (window open) in 10 to 15 minutes after markets open.
Five Available strategies: FALSE - not to apply this strategy, or TRUE - to apply this strategy.
  • TradeRALLY: The list of the most speeding or winning pairs in the last XX minutes from Rally Pairs Minutes Back.
  • TradeTREND: Very exclusive and secret Trend Power Percentage indicator uses MTF Multi indicator to know accurately trends directions for each pair and recognize the best moment to open a trade.
  • TradeRetrace: A price is always going somewhere and doing highs and lows in the D1 candle, but also it does retraces. In this strategy the EA opens orders when retraces are finished and the price is going back again to the main trend.
  • TradeOlimpia: If you activate this strategy the EA will open orders following some professional and classic strategies, for example RSI crosses, EMA Crosses, Stochastic, etc. All classic indicators have a very secret setup for avoiding drawndowns in opened orders.
  • TradeFamily: You can know real situation of the "Pairs families" with it trends in the D1 candle and minor Time Frames. Example: EUR 100% in Family Pairs means that the Euro Family is very strong against the 7 other currencies, so the EA opens BUY on EURxxx pairs.

The best way to use the EA is to use it as semiautomatic EA which watches the screen, so the EA opens orders and you close all orders with the excellent "CLOSE ALL" button. Strongly recommended after that disable your EA! Don't over trade!

The best moments to use this EA are in London market time and NY/London time overlays.

Usual recommendation is not to use the EA during big impact news and slow market.


You don't have to worry in which TF or chart pair add the EA. The EA is programmed to use all included pairs (28). Its concept lays in recognition the best pair to open orders.

The EA can NOT show history or do back testing because it's using real time values. You can not do back testing.

You could lose some or all of your initial investment even using this EA.D do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading before use this Olimpia Rally EA

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Version 1.1 - 2015.03.20
Added a patch for ZERO divide error!