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Sensei is an EA based on the candle analysis.

Where will the price go? The author believes that candle patterns will give you the most accurate answer, as particularly these patterns enable you to determine the true market atmosphere (as distinguished from indicators). The EA works on a daily chart.

Tests were performed on EURUSD and demonstrated stable results on the whole quote history. Simultaneous usage of all patterns provide satisfactory risk allocation. But it can be optimized for other pairs as well.

EA Operating Peculiarities

  • Does not require a huge deposit;
  • Does not use indicators;
  • Does not use Martingale and grid;
  • Trades a fixed lot or % of your free margin;
  • Always uses Take Profit;
  • Always uses Stop Loss;
  • Profit deals are moved to breakeven and trailed;
  • Take profit, stop loss and breakeven can be adjusted automatically (basing on the current volatility) or have fixed values - at your choice;
  • Not sensitive to spreads;
  • Does not require optimization (if you use automated stop orders);

The EA will fit patient traders aimed at long-term result, saving and augmentation of capital funds. But medium-term traders might also be interested in the EA as deals are opened pretty often in case of usage of the whole patterns set.


Money Management

  • Fixed Lot (true — fixed lot, false — % of free margin);
  • Lot (lot size if Fixed Lot = true);
  • Risk (risk if Fixed Lot = false);

Order Settings

  • Fixed Size (true - fixed size of stop orders, false — dynamic size of stop orders based on the current volatility);
  • TP (if fixed size false) - Take Profit - take profit size as % of volatility
  • SL (if fixed size false) - Stop Loss - stop loss size as % of volatility
  • PS (if fixed size false) - Profit Size - profit size as % of volatility; when reached, stop loss is shifted
  • TP (if fixed size true) - Take Profit - take profit size in points
  • SL (if fixed size true) - Stop Loss - stop loss size in points
  • PS (if fixed size true) - Profit Size - profit size in points; when reached, stop loss is shifted

Candle Pattern — all candle patterns used by the EA (each pattern can be enabled and disabled).


  • We recommend testing the EA in the Strategy Tester of a real account. Quotes of demo and real accounts of one broker can be essentially different. Demo account can show both better and worse results. Anyway they won't be real.
  • Revise your broker's server time zone. Time difference can lead to emergence of "Saturday" candle on the chart, which gives false signals.
  • The recommended leverage is 1:500.

Contact the author if you have any questions. I wish you big profits!

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Version 2.0 - 2015.07.28
1. Added TakeProfit
2. Improved EA's operation algorithms
Version 1.2 - 2015.04.10
1. Added ability to set stop order size manually
2. Improved algorithms of determining candle patterns
3. Removed some infrequently used candle patterns
Version 1.1 - 2015.03.18
New candlestick patterns have been added