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Big Price

Have you ever had difficulties seeing Bid or Ask prices as they move up and down the Y axis of your chart? Have you ever wished you could make the size of these prices a little bigger, so they were easier to see? Did you ever wish you could have a Big Price value on your chart? Well, now you can do it.

Try a FREE Demo of the Big Price indicator and see for yourself.

Indicator input parameters:

  • Input 1 - the Big Price can show the Bid or Ask rice, set true to show the Bid price, set false to show the Ask price;
  • Input 2 - choose the color for the Big Price indicator;
  • Input 3 - set the size for the Big Price indicator (the screenshots use sizes 4 & 5);
  • Input 4 - the Big Price can be shifted to the right so it is clear of the chart. How far should it be shifted? (the screenshots use 5 periods);
  • Input 5 - the BigPrice can show the Bid or Ask price and also the Ask or Bid line. Do you want to see the other lines?
  • Input 6 - the BigPrice can be shown on the right or left hand side of the chart. Set true to place the BigPrice on the right.

Please, see the first screenshot for more information.

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