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Samurai MA

This simple EA is designed for USDJPY H1 on the basis of moving averages and MACD oscillator. Other instruments require longtime setting.


  • Opening several orders;
  • Adjustment of a lot size subject to the deposit and the set risk;
  • Setting StopLoss parameter in pips;
  • Enable and disable MoneyManagement function.

Orders are closed and opened according to the indicator's signals, Stop Loss is meant for emergence close of a lot if connection or the trend reversal is lost. We do not recommend using the EA if your deposit is less than $200. Minimum lot is 0.05

Description and Recommended Parameters for USDJPY with $1000 deposit

  • Stoploss=600 — Stop Loss value in pips for emergence close of an order as was mentioned above;
  • Lots=0.1 — Lot; this parameter also influences on calculation of a minimum allowed balance (Lots*1000);
  • UseMoneyManagement=true — Risk management; if set to false (by default) lot value is not changed;
  • MaximumRisk=0.03 — Risk (30%);
  • DecreaseFactor=2 — Opening position volume decreasing ratio (relative to the volume of the previous position);
  • MovingPeriod1=10 — MA indicator value;
  • MovingPeriod2=20 — MA indicator value;
  • MovingPeriod3=50 — MA indicator value;
  • MaxOrders =2 — Maximum number of opened orders;
  • Rastor=0.03 — An added coefficient to the MACD oscillator does not allow to open orders in case of a low wave or flat (the parameter is optimal for USDJPY).
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