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Samurai EA

A portfolio night scalper for yen instruments: AUDJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, SGDJPY, CADJPY, USDJPY.

It uses the main logic of my Samurai EA, but with due regard to the JPY behavior. As a result we have a balanced EA for long term performance.


  • Orders_Comment - comment to orders opened by the EA.
  • Lot_Size - fixed lot size if Auto_MM = 0.
  • Auto_MM - percent of equity to be used in trading. If Auto_MM = 0, it will use a fixed lot.
  • Magic_Number - unique number of orders (set different values for each trading symbol).
  • Start_GMT_Time - the EA's operation start hour by GMT (default is 22.00; we do not recommend changing this value).
  • End_GMT_Time - the EA's operation ending hour by GMT (default is 23.00; we do not recommend changing this value).
  • Terminal_GMT_Shift - broker's time shift (terminal time) relative to GMT.
  • Max_Spread - maximum allowed spread; the EA won't open orders if spread values exceed Max_Spread.
  • Slippage - order slippage volume.
2015.10.29 22:17 

is not good :/

Seiji Komiya
2015.06.25 18:22   

I bought this EA but no signs.

I ask for help. please.

2015.05.01 16:41 

Nice EA, steady returns with each position open to profit potential but also downside risks are controlled. Recommended

2015.04.10 12:17 

Good job. Above expectations!