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AutoTrading on Fear Transactions

Pd_ATFP-1 is an automated trading system based on a MACD chart which determines the price direction. The EA feature: averaging of unprofitable positions with profit, deal volume increase, hedging.

The deal is opened when the price direction is changed, and it is closed when the profit (TPInMoney) is achieved. If the price moves in the opposite direction, averaging deals are opened when the Distance is achieved. The MaxLevel parameter specifies a number of deals. The lot size and profit with the TPInKoef coefficient are increased after each averaging deal. Hedging which starts working from the HedgeStart level is used to reduce losses.

Trading Features

  • Averaging - opening the second deal after the price is pulled back in the wrong direction in relation to the previous deal.
  • Martingale - trading strategy which involves doubling the deal volume after each loss.
  • Hedging - opening a counter deal with the same volume but in opposite direction. Applied in case of the price reversal against the previously placed order.


  • Initial deposit: 20,000$ for 0.1 lot
  • Lot: 0.1
  • Leverage: 500
  • Currency: EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, USD/CHF
  • Period: М5


  • IsTreiding - flag to enable/disable the EA.
  • MagicNumbe - deals identifier.
  • Lots - lot, default value is 0.1.
  • Distance - averaging distance.
  • MaxLevel - maximum amount of these levels (averaging).
  • TPInMoney - profit.
  • TPInKoef - ratio of the profit increase depending on the level.
  • Hedge - flag to enable/disable hedging.
  • HedgeStart - on which level hedging will be started.
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