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The FOREXSTAY LIGHT EA is a very intelligent expert system that works with 10 strategies & 10 filters and can open and manage up to 100 trades in one second. Change Manual GMToffset time to your broker time, and you can trade or test it as you like on GBPUSD because we created this EA for this pair, but you can also trade or test EURUSD, or any other currency pairs without changing any setting. It is desirable to make backtest and demo test before running it on a real account.

The FOREXSTAY LIGHT EA works on many of our live accounts, not on demo accounts. You can look at our real account in any time at mql5 site via https://www.mql5.com/en/users/forexstay. It uses the same settings for ALL years SINCE 1999.

The FOREXSTAY LIGHT EA uses ten smart strategies, and no martingale, no hedging, no grid. It always uses stop loss to protect your money with low drawdown and works on all brokers. It requires just one setting and never needs to be optimized again. We created and developed FOREXSTAY LIGHT EA to work only on M15 charts, also it must trade on GBPUSD, if you want to get very high profit from this EA.

It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. 1:400 leverage or more is good. If you have a micro account, you can start using it with $50 only.

For Customers

Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or anything else.

Strategy Tester Result with the default setting in the FOREXSTAY-LIGHT:

  • Tested for 16 years: On GBPUSD year 1999 to 2014 it generated in the tester more than $744,981,965.25 from $10000 deposit using Risk= 25%
  • Tested for 16 years: On EURUSD year 1999 to 2014 it generated in the tester more than $575,021,692.59 from $10000 deposit using Risk= 45%

Important Parameters. Please don't change them until you know what you do.


  • AllowTrading=true; — Permission to trade.
  • Lots — Lot size for fixed trade if Money Management is set to FALSE.
  • UseMM=true; — Enabling capital management (Money Management).
  • LotsRiskReductor — Percentage of equity to trade.
  • MaxLots — Maximum lot (with the MM value predetermined above, the volume of the lot will not increase).
  • TradeMicroLots=true; — When trading lot is from 0.01 to 0.1 and UseMM is enabled, it is recommended to include this parameter.
  • UseAutoGMToffset — Automatic calculation of GMT displacement. It does not work in the tester.
  • ManualGMToffset — Manual exposure of GMT bias. For the rest of the DC it compares the time with the first two.
  • UseDST — Daylight saving time. Set TRUE for the period from the 13th of March to the 6th of November (13.03 - 06.11).
  • StartWorkTimeHour — Hour of trade (Start time channel).
  • StartSessionMinute — Trading start minute.
  • EndSessionMinute — Trade deadline minute.
  • TradeMonday — Permission to trade on Monday (False when trade is not conducted).
  • TradeFriday — Permission to trade on Friday.
  • TradeInStartMonth — Permission to trade from the 1st to the 4th day of each month. If there is True, the trade will be conducted.
  • TradeInEndMonth — Permission to trade from the 26th to the 31st day of each month. If there is True, the trade will be conducted.
  • MaximumTrades — Maximum number of orders.
  • MaxSpread — Max spread.
  • Slippage — Slippage. 1-2 suggests - no more and no less.
  • RequoteAttempts=3; — The maximum number of repetitions when opening/closing orders at requotes and other errors.
  • LongTrade — Switch to long positions.
  • ShortTrade — Switch to short positions.
  • TakeProfit — Take Profit.
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss.
  • UseFilterMA=false; — Filter by FOREXSTAY. Start immediately for all groups of signals. Switching ON is not recommended.
  • PeriodFilterMA=80
  • PriceFilterMA=1
  • MethodFilterMA=1
SimonH79 2017.05.26 00:39 

Same to me. I buy the EA two years ago and never make a win with it.. this EA is shit

ANDHUPP 2017.03.29 22:42 

Check this signals!


Sturgis isaac
Sturgis isaac 2017.03.21 20:52 

This robot is good very good. But I notice that it is not using the same settings as 2H signal. But maybe for good reason. The 2H signal has no stop loss and may lead to a big loss for the followers down the road. And the signal provider will just add more funds to the trading account to keep it safe. If you bought this ea don't follow any of the 8 signals. This account provides, use default setting or create your own threw testing.

update: this a SCAM. I have tried over and over to get the results of demo FOR TWO YEARS and it is impossible. AVOID at all cost. DO NOT BUY I DON'T CARE WHAT THE DEMO RESULTS ARE TRUST ME THIS IS A SCAM

Elizandra de Souza
Elizandra de Souza 2016.06.15 00:36 

After long time with real trade its make good profit with all my account type , thanks for FOREXSTAY

Its good ea , its make good profit and you can see my signal , I LOVE THIS EA

It's not only the best ea in mql5 market , but also the real ea that make profit in this market , , It's have good back test , It's have good really signal

It's have good result , also It's have the best and good support team, forexstay will stay for ever the best ea on this marKET


Michal Bartos
Michal Bartos 2016.05.04 10:16 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

rainha 2016.01.24 18:17 

This ea is very bad. not buy .this signal and this author just speaking and

in real its different

please take care

not work like signals

thes ea, just open sell in 23 hours, just this

Ola Said Abd Elghafar
Ola Said Abd Elghafar 2015.10.04 20:56 


When this ea open trade you will think its as all EA, but after time and time you will know this is not EA , Its A TIME MACHINE,

its go to FUTURE to know the price and back to open the trade.

Really FOREXSTAY LIGHT EA works with 10 strategies & 10 Filter, its 10 x 10= its 100 strategies included in this EA so its can make huge profit

Thanks for you forexstay , you will let me add my signal soon as i rise my accounts by this good ea

nkkhuen 2015.09.24 03:03 

Thank you this EA, that is very good for trading result, I use ECN commission account. starting i use it i always use SL 29pips and TP is 4pips SO i start on end of MAY, my capital is USD 2000

In June i have profit 746.00,

July 711.00,

Aug 581.00

Sept till today is 88.00 .

I can see the result is very GOOD, i recommand to buy this EA . thanks

m2paper 2015.09.23 09:29 


Ovied 2015.09.16 13:23 

Exercise caution. I purchased this EA when it first came out and I am just now getting around to leaving a review. I was captivated by the 100 percent win rate of the signal and thought I would give this a shot.

My opinion if this EA is that the system is incomplete. You will win a lot of trades with TP of 4 pips with this system, but when you hit a stop loss it wipes everything away including part of your deposit. Yes, you can adjust stop loss settings and TP settings.....however this system is a high priced EA! Author should be providing the best settings for his EA and so far those settings will wipe out your account.

Author needs a good hedge system added to this EA to avoid the painful stop loss (and completing this system).

Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre 2015.09.10 08:40 

Hi Traders

I begin like many other traders to rent the signal of ForexStay (light or running on many other names)

Finally, I have bought this EA ForexStay Light at $2000.00 the 23-06-2015

I give for the service of M. Saad 5 stars

For the EA I give at least 1 star...

On 100 trades this EA the trade 97.6% of the time on the wrong direction with a SL average 25 to 36 pips.

I think this EA are base on LUCK or some divine pryers... but the forex market is a devil, so that can't work.

So,I stop this EA because they generate too much lost and I do previously the same for her copy signals.

I buy a dream, now I live the reality and I really don't like this one :-(

I always think what I say and, always say what I think...JPKing.

Zhiteng Wang
Zhiteng Wang 2015.09.02 19:59 


Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2015.08.26 01:31 

3 My Account exploded tonight EUR-USD file Set. H2 tot. € 10,000 loss - make Attention this product.

Why Saad often from cash accounts signals, not using StopLoss, when trading runs off him pour new cash until the trader does not fall in profit.

to do this trading did not need a ExpertAdvisor $ 2,000.

Likely many nights 23:00 to 3:00 EA will bring profit 4 Pips- then 1 night the price runs worse if run for 2 nights as a success 20/08/15 - 24/08/15 unless you have enough cash Boom!

If you use StopLoss defoult Set. 29 Pips or 50 Pips - very long time recovering losses 4 Pips gain - likely before resuming StopLoss to availability money account.

Precise, that I'm not saying EA Light is a bad robot. I tell you my experience with him from 15.07.2015 - Investment $ 2,000 to buy Expert. 3 Exploded account today 08/24/15 - Investment - € 10,000 TOTAL = € -12,000 in a month. good luck .

Humraz Parmar
Humraz Parmar 2015.08.25 23:47 

Huge Stoploss. The Author is a scammer! He deposits extra money everytime the drawdown in ALL his signals becomes great to prevent Margin Call!!! Total Scammer save your money friends don't give this scammer another cent!

myfxrobots.com 2015.08.24 14:49 

Edit 24th Aug 2015:

Just as predicted, a SL again. This time leaving with only 16% of the account balance.

Edit 4th Aug 2015:

Author (Saad) contacted me and asked to give five stars and after that he would set the robot up for my broker. I declined but decided to give the robot another try with the settings Saad shares at his website (Smart Trade 1).

Results: http://myfxrobots.com/2015/07/172/


I bought this two months ago and second night was a big SL. Decided to give it some time anyway at least to make up for the loss in a minimum risk.

Tonight happened the third SL in the past 30 days. This rate the EA will not make up for any loss ever.

Signal and EA give out different results even with same broker and same settings (2H).

For example today:



Ricardo de Meo
Ricardo de Meo 2015.07.21 11:15 

This EA is wonderful. Worth every penny.

Another importante thing: the developer is very kind and make all his efforts to help.

Patrickup 2015.07.10 03:29 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

zhlhgd 2015.06.04 16:40   


Golia-R 2015.06.02 00:59 


Mohammad Aghigh
Mohammad Aghigh 2015.03.31 17:35 

i edited last review

this signal and this author just speaking and

in real its different

please take care

not work like signals

mayby have secret set file or secret version

Wasley Abraao
Wasley Abraao 2015.03.31 05:40 

This robot is fantastic.It is a very intelligence expert system and very good EA, conservative and powerful

Also The support is Good. always friendly, helpful and, more importantly,

I advice for every trader to test or use FOREXSTAY LIGHT EA , its real, the only EA in the market That have realy good signal , not only back test

Its good EA

Thanks for FOREXSTAY

Version 8.6 2016.05.23
Version 8.6 - 2016.05.18
Improved algorithm for faster execution and faster orders modification.
Changed Trade Time settings to:
ManualGMToffset = 2;
StartWorkTimeHour = 21;
EndWorkTimeHour = 23.
Version 8.3 2015.09.24
Version 8.3 - 2015.09.24
- Improved algorithm for faster execution and faster backtests
- User can use the automatic time to close the trade by time
- User can change filter settings and run or stop any filter
- User can change Expert Comment
- User can change magic numbers
Version 7.9 2015.08.27
Improved algorithm for faster execution and faster orders modification.

We disabled some setting that maybe make problem with ECN account but you can enable this setting if you want:
- change the standard setting for UseStopLevels to FALSE
- change the standard setting for UseFakeStopLevels to FALSE
- change the standard setting for IsMarketExecution to FALSE
Version 7.8 2015.07.16
Additional features:
- Added more time for trade: it's now 2 hour StartWorkTimeHour = 21, EndWorkTimeHour = 23 and ManualGMToffset = 3
- User can change UseDST (daylight saving time) to TRUE or FALSE
- User can change UseStopLevels (the inclusion of stop orders). If disabled, virtual take and loss are enabled
- User can change UseFakeStopLevels and put fake stop levels
- User can change IsMarketExecution - the inclusion of market performance opening orders (first opens, and then modifies)
- Improved algorithm for faster execution and faster backtests
Version 7.4 2015.04.13
Changed daylight savings settings to:
* ManualGMToffset = 3;
* UseDST = TRUE;
* StartWorkTimeHour = 21;
* StartSessionMinute = 0;
* EndWorkTimeHour = 22.