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Fire Pad

FirePad can serve as a scalp possession that sometimes cannot be handled by other application on this market.

FirePad Features:

  1. Place a market order when Buy or Sell squared object on chart is clicked. The predefined lot size can be changed during installation onto a chart.
  2. Change TP and SL values on the fly. That means you can modify your TP and SL value all the time as far as your trade is not closed yet.
  3. Apply a Trailing SL to make the stop loss always follow the price when it moves in profit tendency.
  4. Apply a Breakeven in real time when some profit appears and a user needs to secure it.
  5. Close a trade on 100% or 50% of its volume in a second.

Additional Feature:

An MTF Price Tendency based on SMA period 3 (can adjusted anytime) is usable to make a fast decision while the market soars and traders must use their chance to exploit the market's profitability under healthy money management. By default, this function is hidden, and it is easy to find what object to click to show this function up.

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