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EMA error correction 33 levels

This is a classic version of error-correcting exponential moving average implementation which is used in DEMA and TEMA indicators. As said in its name, the error correction depth is increased to 33.

The indicator is optimized. It takes minimum resources. It is quite fast in view of calculation volume. It can overlay other indicators. As well as regular moving averages, nEma_33 is non-redrawable (except for the zero bar).

History is required > Period*33*33. According to the formula for the period 10, the History must exceed 10890 bars.

History control is enabled. All displayed values are adequate. All screenshots show four charts with proportionally equal periods.

  • Yellow dashed line — EMA (Standard Exponential Moving Average).
  • Blue line — DEMA (Double Exponential Moving Average).
  • Purple line — TEMA (Triple Exponential Moving Average).
  • Yellow line — nEma_33 (This indicator).

My general observations: when correction depth is increased, chart inequalities are planished (moved) to inflection (pivot) points.

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