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Ginkle DAX Predator Professional

What is Ginkle DAX?

Ginkle DAX is an automated trading system or Expert Advisor that analyses and executes trades on the German DAX index. Ginkle DAX runs on the popular MetaTrader4 terminal for brokers that offer a DAX CFD instrument and a MetaTrader4 interface. It uses an algorithm (The DAX Predator) which is designed to generate yearly ROI trading only the German DAX. Ginkle DAX does not need supervision and is perfect for running on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Ginkle DAX was developed because there was a personal desire by the author to automate his DAX algorithm so that less time was spent behind the computer monitoring the market.

What is so special about Ginkle DAX?

  • Unique because it allows and uses per-broker optimization
  • Drawdown goals can be set via broker optimizing parameters
  • 100% hands-off solution for serious investors
  • The only product available for profitable trading of the DAX CFD
  • This product should only be used for trading the Germany 30 DAX CFD

Just like a real predator Ginkle DAX waits for an opportune moment to strike.

The EA is not a short term strategy, it does however use short term signals to detect reversals. It connects to the 15 minute DAX chart and makes decisions based upon (among other things):

  • Volume
  • ATR & MAs
  • Strength of trend (support / resistance)
  • Short term volatility (e.g. news spikes)
  • Short, Medium and Long term Price Action

It is a passive algorithm which is expected to catch three or four big moves per year on the German DAX index while taking smaller profits and draw downs waiting for those moves.

Serious Broker Optimization

Most strategies fail because they try and implement a "one size fits all" algorithm and apply it to the market. Ginkle DAX does not and offers an already optimized set of Broker parameters for a variety of brokers, and the option to further fine-tune the strategy or optimize for new brokers. There is no one-size fits all when trading the DAX. Differences in margin requirements, swap, price quotes, trade times etc. makes optimizing on a per-broker basis essential and ensures long term profitability regardless of which broker you are currently using.

Questions and Answers

Will this work with my broker? Ginkle DAX will work with any MT4 broker that offers the Germany 30 DAX index CFD instrument. Please check the current list of recognized brokers on http://ginkle.com. If your broker is not listed you have the option to request a demo and backtest Ginkle DAX on your own broker tick data. If you wish we can assist and recommend a preliminary parameter setting for your broker. Please contact us if you want us to look at your broker.

What kind of returns can I expect? Terms and Conditions restrict us in making any claims. We advise you to demo the product yourself and view the results. We can however say with firm certainty that trading the DAX Predator algorithm manually, we have seen consistent yearly returns. Now with the automated version of the algorithm we expect to even improve these results because we can operate non-stop on the German DAX without human supervision. Backtesting the EA shows an average (*) P/DD ratio of 10:1 meaning for every one percent of draw down 10% of yearly ROI could be generated. Disclaimer: these results do not guarantee future live performance. Returns are broker dependent and broker parameters must be fully optimized initially and re-evaluated every three to four months to match the ever evolving market, just like you would trading manually. We are happy to help with your optimizations. Ginkle DAX comes with preloaded parameter sets for selected brokers.

(*) returns are broker dependent due to differences in swaps, margin requirements and trading times

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Version 15.5 - 2015.03.23
Adjusted Ger30 Future rollover for ActivTrades.
Version 15.4 - 2015.02.27
- Updated Broker_Override parameter description for clarity
- OrderMagicNumber() field now has default value for unknown brokers