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Trend Wave Indicator

The indicator detects potential entries during trend corrections. It is powered by oscillators and reflects the concept of the Wave principle.

When you see the blue up arrow, a buy signal is formed. The appearance of a red down arrow indicates a potential sell point.

Keep in mind that when an arrow appears, it is assumed that the entry is to be performed on the current candle (the indicator is not redrawn).

It is reasonable to put a stop level a few points above/below the arrow (after the candle is closed) or according to your trading strategy. If the flat is observed during several candles, it is recommended to exit the market to reduce the risk.

Recommended timeframes: the product works on all timeframes, the error probability is less on higher timeframes.

Recommended currency pairs: since the concept of the indicator in some way reflects the concept of the Wave principle, it can be used on any pairs.

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