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The robot can be applied both for automated trade and as an assistant for manual trade.
The robot has graphic interface which provides comfortable work and control over the robot in the test process.
The robot control in the process of visual test enables "trading" exactly as in real life but at a rapid pace.
Graphic interface is shown in the screenshot Pic 1.
The result of WTI oil test is shown in screenshots Pic 2, Pic 3.

The robot is set for automated oil trading on default. It does not matter whether it is Brent or WTI.
It can be used for other commodity futures trade, including metal trade, if settings are slightly changed.
It can also be used for currency pair trade, but effectiveness will be blunted. It requires significant changes of settings.
Set files with setting options will be available in comments to this work.

Virtual pending "orders" opened by the robot.
Take Profit and Stop Loss levels are also virtual.
It allows to ignore stop levels as momentary opening or closing of a position at a current price happens when the level price crosses the line.
There is a function of an open level trailing with a specified step. "Orders" trailing can be disabled if necessary.

The robot has multi-step trailing stop which allows to:
- trail the stop loss level in a negative area if permitted
- set breakeven on minimal profit levels
- trail profit changing trailing distance in the wake of profit growth
Trailing stop function has a switch. Profit trailing is not always useful.

4 indicators are integrated in the robot.
Any one of them can be  enabled on/off. Only those which are enabled on generate a trading signal.
Trend control can also be enabled or disabled.
When working without control, the opening line reposes on the set distance and is trailed subsequent to the price if it is set.
The opening line level can be moved manually both in the course of real trade and in tester. Take Profit and Stop Loss levels will move automatically.
Take Profit and Stop Loss levels can move independently via value change in the graphic interface only.

Main Interface:
(issues requiring additional clarification)

Main ratio for calculation of lot volume and deposit size.
Session end time can be prescribed if necessary. Integral value of time shall be inputed.  Input zero to enable. Return to operation will happen by value inputed in StartNewSessionAfter field. The second value must always be less than the first one.
Only profit positions are closed at the close of the session.
Closes the profit position by the first tick after price gapping, if its size has exceeded the specified value. The price usually pulls back after gapping, so it is reasonable to close the position immediately after gapping. Input unreachable value, for instance, 9999999, to disable the function
Presets minimal position holding time if required. It is of great importance if a Dealing Center punishes for short-period trades.
Buy_Lot / Sell_Lot
Lot calculation ratio for Buy and Sell individually. Actual lot volume is displayed in the graphic interface.
UP_Differ / DN_Differ
Constants compared with actual level given by indicators. UP or DN for each indicator is generated on the basis of comparison results. If all enabled indicators show UP, BuySignal will be issued, and the converse will happen in case of DN.
Dist to Minus_SL
Presets Stop Loss level trailing distance in the negative area. If Stop Loss is not preset, it will be established when position opens on the prescribed level. Stop Loss trailing ceases after the order opening level is reached.
Input zero to disable the function.
Profit for set NoLoss / Distance to NoLoss
Breakeven recording. Input zero to disable the function.
Profit_Level 2 / Distance to SL 2
Further pairs of variables preset trailing distance when profit grows. Input unreachable value to Profit_Level field to disable the function. For instance, 9999999.
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