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MA Speed Slope

MA Speed

The rate of change, slope, speed or velocity (meaning the same) of any Moving Average (SMA, EMA, SSMA, LWMA) helps to define new raising trends.

It is not a rocket science. For instance, a simple increase of Speed=[MA(i)-MA(i-1)]/1 of your Moving Average defines a price gaining strength to reach higher values. Or oppositely, a negative speed indicates the price with strength for going to lower values.

  • MA Speed computes this rate of change of your Moving Average of choice (SMA, EMA, SSMA, LWMA) for any price you choose (Open, High, Low, Close, Median, Typical, or Weighted).

  • This indicator contains a smooth parameter (0-100) that provides a less chaotic speed result. This smoother speed (SS) is given by SS=[MA(i)-MA(i-smooth-1)]/(1+smooth).

  • The indicator is presented in a separate window in terms of a histogram. A color determines increasing velocities (default is blue) and another color – decreasing velocities (default is red).

  • The indicator can be used for any Expert Advisor being called by iCustom(...) function.

And Remember... Keep it Simple! Happy Trading!

MORACORP Solutions

2016.12.21 07:04 

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Rodrigo da Silva Boa
2016.01.10 22:51 

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