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Adaptive Volatility Hedger

We proudly present you AVH which stands for Adaptive Volatility Hedger EA!

Adaptive Volatility Hedger trades in the direction of the trend. It uses a volatility filter to detect optimal entry time to place trades to limit bad entries. As the name suggests, AVH has some special filters that are used to hedge losses when needed. We built AVH to give you a smooth equity curve without the pain of a large drawdown!


  1. Opens new positions only if required margin parameters (set by the user) are met, this function works greatly to have a low risk exposure
  2. Can add more positions when in profit (to maximize gains)
  3. Trades in direction of the trend
  4. Complex volatility filter to avoid fake signals
  5. Very Large TP
  6. AVH is not a tick scalper, every trade is the product of thorough analysis
  7. AVH is not broker dependent, this means that you can use it even if your broker has large spreads!


AVH is the final result of years of trading and programming and is based on the old version wich can be viewed here, however please note that the old version of the AVH does not have a hedge feature. As a result, the equity curve of the old EA is much less smooth than the equity curve of the new AVH.


AVH default settings are optimized for EURUSD M30. However, you can customize settings to make it work with other pairs. Please note that the backtest in the pictures was performed on 15 years of data!


  • Starting Balance 10 000$= RISK=0.8, NumberOfTrades=2, MaxOrders=50
  • Starting Balance 5 000$= RISK=0.8, NumberOfTrades=2, MaxOrders=40
  • Starting Balance 4 000$= RISK=0.8, NumberOfTrades=1, MaxOrders=40
  • Starting Balance 3 000$= RISK=0.8, NumberOfTrades=2, MaxOrders=30
  • Starting Balance 2 000$= RISK=0.8, NumberOfTrades=1, MaxOrders=30


Please feel free to contact the author through a private message after your purchase.

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