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Many traders use the strategy "price channel breakthrough - returning to the level - rollback from it". This product is a semi-automatic EA tracking the price levels set in the EA settings. Once at least two bars on the specified timeframe are closed above/below the price level, the EA assumes that the level is broken through. Depending on whether the EA is allowed to trade (customizable), it sets a limit buy/sell order on that level and issues an alert. Besides, the EA can send an email and notification to the mobile platform (customizable). The current price location relative to the price level is displayed by color. For more convenience in managing price levels, the EA provides the control panel allowing you to add, modify or remove a price level at any time. Note: When changing the timeframe the EA is launched at, the robot is re-initialized, and all settings and levels added via the control panel are reset to default ones.

The EA is a multicurrency one. The amount of currency pairs it is able to track is not limited. If you have not found any symbol, simply add it in Market Watch window. The EA greatly simplifies the life of the traders using multiple currency pairs in their activity.

In order to test the EA in the strategy tester, set Trade Symbols parameter to EURUSD + EURUSD + EURUSD + EURUSD, Control Levels parameter to, say, 1.20000 + 1.25000 + 1.30000 + 1.35000 and set Time Interval, Volumes, Take Profit and Stop Loss parameters. Set Trade is allowed yes/no to true. After that, the EA is ready to be launched in the strategy tester. After the specified levels are broken through, the EA sets buy limit order (when the level is pierced upwards) and sell limit order (when the level is pierced downwards). If Trade is allowed yes/no is false, the EA only provides alerts. As I have already said, this is a semi-automatic EA. Price levels should be set manually by a trader.


Trade symbols - trade symbol list. Use "+" sign as a separator;

Time interval monitoring - timeframe, at which the EA tracks the levels;

Control Levels - controlled price levels;

Volumes - volumes;

Take Profit - take profit;

Stop Loss - stop loss;

Trade is allowed yes/no - enable/disable opening limit orders by the EA;

Notice on e-mail yes/no - enable/disable emails;

Notice on the mobile terminal yes/no - enable/disable notifications to the mobile platform;

time life the limit orders - number of hours, after which a limit order is removed;

Magic number - magic number;

Slippage - slippage;

Comment - comments to orders;

Text color - text color.

Price indication: blue - the price is above the level, red - the price is below the level, bright green - the level is broken through upwards, crimson - the level is broken through downwards.

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to add, modify and delete price levels. Add button adds a new level. To modify a level, set its symbol, timeframe, current price level as well as a new one in "New value price level" field. After that, press Change. To remove a level, set the level parameters and press Delete.

Vitali Kadel
2015.03.11 19:40   

Очень полезный советник.

Version 1.1 - 2015.01.28
Fixed errors.
Added the ability to automatically detect the price levels - "Automatic detection levels" parameter.
Added the ability to enable/disable the control panel - "Control panel on/off" parameter.