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Extreme Swings4


Extreme Swings4 is a MT4 EA, which works on the Moving Average trend indicator and the Stochastic indicator for overbought/oversold areas. Also EA works in the small grid mode for a maximum of three trades. Default settings are for EURUSD H1. You will be given four set files for four optimized pairs after you purchase the EA.

As you can see, back tests are done using 99.9% quality data and show good results over the past year (2014) but same future results cannot be guaranteed.

Important Parameters:

  • ExpertID: Magic number
  • Comments: Comments for the trades
  • Order2Distance: After how many pips EA should open second trade from the base trade
  • Order3Distance: After how many pips EA should open third trade from the base trade
  • StopLoss: Stop Loss pips of the trades
  • DynamicAvgTP: Average Take Profit for all the three trades
  • DynamicStep: Increment in average Take Profit
  • CloseBySwing: If true, EA will close the opposite trades when a new higher high or lower low is formed
  • FixedLot: If RiskFactor = 0, this fixed lot will be used to open trades
  • RiskFactor: Risk percent of the account balance
  • SwingDistance: Minimum pips distance between the newest high/low swings
  • UseStocFilter: If you want to use the Stochastic indicator for signals
  • UseMAFilter: If you want to use the Moving Averages trend indicator
  • TrailingStart: After how many pips trailing should start
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Version 1.2 - 2015.02.24
Improved the code and made few changes in the input parameter names.