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‘myEntry’ is the highly powerful extension Expert Advisor for ‘myPosition’ which allows swift and precise Trade Entry. With the click of a button ‘myEntry’ will immediately transform your trading levels previously set with ‘myPosition’ into pending orders with the correct position size.

Perhaps for the first time you can be in total control and remain calm, even in quick and changing markets, as ‘myEntry’ does all the hard work for you

With the active pending orders waiting, you can modify your trading levels and position size as often as you wish, because the process is so intuitive and fast. Exits are equally as easy, either delete your pending orders or close one or both your positions using the ‘myEntry’ floating window, or let your trade complete naturally to the target or stop set.

‘myEntry’ will also recognize any minimum pip distance for pending orders required by your broker and simply enter with a market order at the correct level (optional) as required.

‘myEntry’ is suitable for any trader, from scalping to positional trading, on any timeframe.


  • Enter or Modify a trade at a click of a button (modification automatically resizes your position).
  • Limit or stop orders are recognized automatically.
  • Places Stops and Targets.
  • Switch to Market Mode, if current price is too close to your entry for your broker to allow.
  • Optical feedback for open trades.
  • Screen Capture trade entry and exit for your documentation.
  • Operates either a one or two part position.
  • Includes spread: uses the Ask price for buys and Bid price for sells.


'myEntry' is incredibly fast, intuitive and easy to use:

NOTE: you must first attach ‘myPosition’ indicator to use 'myEntry'.
  1. Set your trade level with ‘myPosition’.
  2. Click Trade - Entry, Stop Loss and Target(s) are placed on the next price tick with the exact lot size.
  3. If you need to modify, simply reset your trade levels and click Modify.
  4. To delete a pending order click Delete.
  5. In an open trade, you can quickly close one or both positions through the Close buttons.


The parameters for myPosition are easy to use (Defaults in brackets)

  • MagicNumber (101)—Alter to a different number on each chart you attach 'myEntry' to.
  • OpenSlippage (10)—Maximum slippage (in points) to tolerate when opening the trade.
  • Close Slippage (50)—Maximum slippage (in points) to tolerate when closing the trade.
  • TradeAttempts (10)—Number of attempts to open a trade if an error is returned from the broker’s server.
  • MarketOnInvalidStops (true)—Turns market mode ON or OFF. Useful to override your broker’s minimum distance to price policies.
  • ScreenCaptureTrades (true)—Save Entry and Exit pictures of your trade (Data Folder > MQL4 > Files > MTTTrades).
  • BuyUseAsk (true)—When buying, use the ask price and not chart price (bid).
Nico Bilio
Nico Bilio 2015.11.18 15:38 

MyEntry + MyPosition is a perfect combination for me. Brings my trades near to 80% succesfull! And the best is - for me as a day working person, you find easy the trades for a day and let them automatical go with the pending orders. Now i need only 20min per day to set my trades and let them go! PERFECT!

Also perfect - the support of the developer! 5 stars

Robert Edison
Robert Edison 2015.02.07 15:45 

I've been trading with MyPosition and MyEntry tools for about a week and find that my trades are having much better results. By forcing me to control my risk and being able to set two targets, I don't have to micromanage my trades any more. Also by using pending orders instead of market orders my entries are much better. I recommend both tools and Daniel responds quickly to any questions.