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This is a fully automatic EA, entry signals are based on Moving Average and Average True Range.

It comes with dynamic Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Equity Manager and it has also an implemented reverse martingale system.

This EA is intended for trading EURUSD or GBPUSD on the M5 timeframe.


  • Risk - default 1.5 // is in %. It calculates a lot size according to AccountBalance and Stop Loss
  • MaxDDPercent - default 10 // also in %. Closes current open positions if the value exceeds 10 for EURUSD and 100 for GBPUSD
  • equityTargetPercent - default 20 // also in %. Closes current open positions if the desired equity is reached
  • magicNum - magic number
You can change the first three parameters and find better settings or you can find other pairs, which could return a good result. Also it can be optimized for low risk. The above screenshots are for medium to high risk.
Nurudeen Amedu
2015.07.22 19:28 

Not doing too well