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Easy Position Size Calculator

The EASIEST way to manage your risk for each trade!


  1. Add the indicator to your chart, configure a risk percentage (of account equity)
  2. Enter the number of pips for your stop loss into the text entry field that appears on the chart
  3. The position size to take will automatically be updated

The product features two modes - a compact mode which allows entry of stop loss pips and shows the resulting lot size based on the percent risk setting, as well as an expanded mode that also shows the spread, the required margin for a position size and shows the risk in both percent and account currency.

Other inputs allow you to control the color of the background and foreground of the indicator so you can match it to your preferred chart colors.

Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou 2018.05.18 09:37 

Excellent tool!

privatforex 2017.05.20 15:11 

Perfect! Quickly and easily determine lot size without leaving the chart. Thank you!

janpec1000 2016.10.13 13:30 

Extremely easy and robust to use, exactly what i was looking for, something that can be fit for scalping where with very little amount of work you can get the info of your lot size. I have checked it also scales sizes corretly trough crosspairs as well as main currencies.