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A convenient trading panel for manual trading. The panel is easily minimized in the upper left corner of the chart and does hinder chart analysis. This panel can become an indispensable assistant for intraday traders, scalpers and fans of averaging. Functions "Close all position of profit" and "Close all position of loss" eliminate the need to stay near the monitor, since the trading panel will close positions. Once the total profit of all open positions (in the deposit currency) exceeds a preset value, the panel will close all positions. First of all it will close the most losing positions. If you have a series of open positions, the panel will help you calculate the overall breakeven level and modify Stop Loss and Take Profit of these positions accordingly. The panel allows controlling either all the positions opened manually by the trader (if you set the magic number parameter to 0), or only the positions opened through the panel or by other Expert Advisors - in this case you should set the magic number to a non-zero value. The panel works both with four and five decimal points.


  • Volume - the default volume of new positions;
  • Stop Loss - the default Stop Loss value in points;
  • Take Profit - the default Take Profit value in points;
  • Slippage - slippage value in points;
  • Magic number of orders - the magic number of orders;
  • Execution type - if 'execution type' is set to 'Instant execution', Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will be sent at the same time when a trade request is sent. If 'execution type' is set to 'Market execution (ECN)' Stop Loss and Take Profit will be added after opening a position.
  • Name of trade panel - the panel name which is displayed in the upper left corner.


  • The BUY button (BUY LIMIT, BUY STOP) - opens a buy position at the current price or places a pending Buy order depending on the switch state (Market, Limit or Stop);
  • The SELL button (SELL LIMIT, SELL STOP) - opens a sell position at the current price or places a pending Sell order depending on the switch state (Market, Limit or Stop);
  • The "Close All" button closes all positions;
  • The "Close all loss" button closes all losing positions;
  • The "Close all position of profit" check box - if pressed, all positions will be closed upon reaching a specified profit in the deposit currency;
  • The "Close all position of loss" check box - if pressed, all positions will be closed upon reaching a specified loss in the deposit currency;
  • If the "Without loss + profit in pips" check box is enabled, the panel will calculate the overall breakeven level for all open positions. This function modifies Stop Loss and Take Profit by placing them on the overall breakeven level plus the profit value (in points) specified in the corresponding input field for all open positions. Once the Stop Loss and Take Profit orders are modified, the functions turns off. To re-enable the function, you should press "Without loss + profit in pips" again.
  • Enter the appropriate values in the Volume, Stop Loss and Take Profit input fields.

Note: When you change the timeframe of the chart the panel is running on, all the settings are reset to default. The panel works only with the positions of the financial instrument on which chart it is running.

2017.05.22 21:43 

This trade panel is a very good helper when you want to set up a trade and you have more trades going on. This is a second product from the author. I am more than happy and can't say a bad word about it. It's working and it's very sophisticated. Highly recommend!

Version 1.4 - 2017.03.02
Added new parameter 'execution type'. If the 'execution type' is set to 'Instant execution' orders 'Stop loss' and 'Take profit' are sent simultaneously with sending the trade order. If the 'execution type' is set to 'Market execution (ECN)' then 'Stop loss' and 'Take profit' are set after opening a position.
Version 1.3 - 2016.01.04
Trade panel was completely redesigned. Changed the appearance. Added the ability to place not only market orders, but pending as well. Added the ability to set the desired take profit to the total breakeven for all open positions. (In the previous version the total breakeven plus two spreads was set.) This feature is useful for traders who use the averaging and saves them from having to manually calculate the total breakeven plus take profit for the series of open positions.
Version 1.2 - 2015.04.08
Added the function for placing a single breakeven for all positions, so that they are closed at breakeven plus a small profit equal to two spreads is made when the price reaches the breakeven level.

Note: The function modifies stop loss and take profit.

The function is suitable for traders applying averaging when making a deal in the wrong direction, as well as for traders who want to exit a series of deals without losses.
Also, some minor features were added: indication of a spread size and minutes left before the current bar is closed.
Version 1.1 - 2015.04.06
Added calculation and display of price levels without loss plus two spreads.