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Loss Recovery Trader

This robot attempts to recover losing trades.

Place a trade and if it moves in the wrong direction, the Zone Recovery algorithm initiates.

An alternating series of Buy and Sell trades at two specific levels will be taking place, with two Exit Points above and beyond these levels.

Once either of the two exit points is reached, all trades are closed with a combined profit or approximate breakeven.


1. Initial trade placement method

  • FistTradeMode option allows you to select the method the first trade opens
    • External_Manual_Trade : Manually opened trade
    • External_EA_Trade : Opened by an external EA
    • Moving Average: A Moving Average strategy
    • Bollinger Bands: A Bollinger Bands reversal strategy
    • The other selections open one instant trade of specific type directly through the EA

2. Set recovery region

  • RecoveryZoneRangePips: Pips to be lost in order for an opposite direction trade to opened
  • RecoveryZoneExitPips: Pips to be won by the last trade for the recovery to complete

3. Lot calculation method

  • Lot_Calculation_Mode option allows you to select the method the lot sizes get calculated
    • Profit_In_Pips: Once recovery is over the Net Average Pips Won will be equal to this
    • Profit_In_Amount: Once recovery is over the Net Amount Won will be equal to this
    • Lot_Multiplier: Each trade will be a multiple of the previous trade

Depending on your selection you can modify the relevant option

4. Initial trade settings

These options will affect ONLY the initial trade. They do not apply once recovery has started.

  • Lot: Lot size fixed amount
  • Auto Lot: Start Lot is calculated as % from balance
  • Lot_Percents: When Auto Lot is true
  • Take Profit: Take Profit in Pips

Note: When using with External Trade/EA you don’t have to modify Lot Size. It is done automatic.

  • Enable_Trailing_Stop: Enables Trailing Stop
  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level: Activation level in pips
  • Trailing_Stop_Distance: Trailing stop step in pips
  • Enable_Protect Profit: Ensures a fixed amount of pips is secured once activated
  • Protect Profit Start_Level: Pips to be won for activation
  • Protect Profit Exit_Level: Min pips to be secured and exit the trade

5. Recovery risk management

  • Max_Orders: Max Orders that can be opened
  • Close_Trades_When_Max_Orders_Exceeded: Closes all trades if max number of trades has been reached and the last opened trades sustains a loss equal to the Recovery Zone Range Pips
  • Max_Loss_Amount: Closes all trades once the account’s total open losses reach this amount
  • Max_Drawdown_Percent: Closes all trades once the account’s balance based drawdown reaches this percent
  • Close_All_at_This_Profit: Closes all trades once the pair’s total open recovery profits reach this amount
  • Kill All Now: Closes all trades and pendings
  • Magic: Magic number used

6. Advanced settings

  • AllowHedging: Can be set to False for Clients whose broker does not allow hedging. Losses get realised if false
  • Slippage_Mode: If trades suffer slippage , it is added to the Recovery Zone Exit Pips
  • Hide_the_Exit_Points: Recovery Trades will close with instant trades instead of TP/SL
  • Trail_the_Exit_Point: The points where recovery trades close will be trailed to make more gains
  • Exit_Point_Trail_Start: Additional Recovery pips to be won for the trail to activate
  • Exit_Point_Trail_Step: Step pips for exiting the trail
  • Fixed_Spread_Pips: Spread to be used
  • Commission_per_Lot_Amount: Commission charged per Lot

Note: When left to zero, the current Commission and Spread will be used

  • EnableGrid: Set to true to apply grid strategy before the recovery begins or use with EA that has opened multiple trades in the same direction

The PDF Manual has more details

Eleni Anna Branou
Eleni Anna Branou 2018.10.23 09:42 

Excellent product, it can really help your trading and avoid losses. Super fast and prompt support from Michalis, always the best!

Brian Hudson
Brian Hudson 2018.06.11 11:38 

Just started using this EA, but so far it's showing positive results. Many customizable features and smart functionality. Its great that i can use it as a stand alone EA or in-conjunction with one another EA. Take your time getting the settings you want and you could have a real winner here. I will update post with trading results in the future.

Author is a pleasure to work with and responds quickly.

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo 2018.05.06 02:02 

very good ea .

transparent author. thanks for your help

zanctus 2018.04.15 15:41 

This is a great EA that is working as intended! Easy to use and learn. Will help you control and manage the recovery of your losing trades.

I combine it with another EA that helps me enter trades (using Magic Numbers), and when those trades do not go into profit, LRT EA is setup to help recover the loss.

Be mindful of your margin requirements and I try to avoid parts moving sideways or consolidating.

Really recommend! Author is doing a great service.

Kenneth Xiao
Kenneth Xiao 2018.01.10 04:28 

good ea ,it saved my account and my ea. thank u .

STNC 2017.11.06 15:26 

I am not sure if Memon below even know how to use the EA. It is awesome indeed if you spend time reading the manual and understand how to use it to your own advantage. Nobody can spoonfeed you, especially since it's your own money. I advise you to study it carefully and develop your own strategy. I did, and enjoy LRT tremendously. The vendor's support is also awesome. He is very responsive to your needs. This is from my own experience. I highly recommend it.

Matthew Winfield
Matthew Winfield 2017.09.21 15:08 

I disagree with the review below. This isn't a holy grail, there's always risk involved in trading and no LRT/martingale methods are completely fool proof. This is a very comprehensive tool and it's far from a "complete waste of time and money". It does what its supposed to do very well if you take the time to understand it, the premium version even more so with many settings and options to customise. Michalis provides amazing ongoing support.

Maarten Merkens
Maarten Merkens 2017.08.31 15:45 

Excellent Tool. I use this together with a custom EA built by Michalis. Very few of my trades end up in need of being recovered, but when they the LRT takes care of things. You can follow my signal here:https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/338774

Michalis is a very professional seller that provides a high level of support. I can highly recommend the LRT to everyone that is serious about trading. Eliminate Stop-loss and start making profits!

One note though: it is not fire and forget, not one setting fits all pairs. Read the manual and educate yourself.

claire1121 2017.07.29 11:03 

I purchase 1 year ago, I have one activaiton left, if some one need, I can sell you at cost, no margin, PM me


Eric Vogels
Eric Vogels 2017.06.22 13:52 

I like this EA very much. It really does recovering for 100%. Support is very good.

I use to test with Live-accounts and the EA paid for itself.


RobbieRedskin 2017.05.16 17:32 

Recommended, five stars for sure. The EA works very good and is well programmed. Michalis is always fast with replies and offers good support. About the strategy of the EA: it works in volatile markets, but you should stay away from ranging markets, will eat up your account fast. If you make yourself familiar with this strategy (yesyes, spend some time...) and it suits you, this is one of the best EA's to apply it

Olivier Nomblot
Olivier Nomblot 2017.04.28 08:25 

bought the EA a while back because it fits in with my hedging theories. I just used it again and I must say it is well programmed and a good compliment to my basic BBSO robot. I would be careful with lot sizes and max lots , tending to be more conservative there ,as this Robot can build up large positions. The best aspect for me is the Bollinger entry . Bollinger has 5 ways to enter the market, the touch and go method ( built in this EA) works along with more complex entries that I personally use in my EAs. The author is obviously a good programmer and judging by the longevity of his product , quality control is very good. I am particularly fond of this algorithm and hedging preferring not to use stops myself . This product facilitates this technique .There are many combinations of entries and exits possible with this EA, so it is well worth investigating. Well done Michalis.

Cloaked_Wixard 2017.04.19 21:09 

Excellent service that you will always feel somebody backing up you until you familiar with the ea. Needless to say an ea with great potential for consistent profit unlike the other ea such as grid and scalping. This ea offer you great risk management and adjustable desired monthly return if you hardworking enough to try the setting. Remember, great sword provided to a swordsman does not mean he will win the battle, it depend on the swordsman how to utilize the great sword. In this case this ea is definitely a great sword. Premium version is a must if you want to be god level swordsman.


Great service as always, solved several issue and technical questions. EA seller possess strong knowledge on forex and MT4. Start profiting using the EA. He will be a long term partner on my trading journey.

sbucher 2017.04.12 17:03 

The service provided is the best.

The programmer went way beyond my expectation to help me get started on existing trades.

I hope the product is a good as the service.

Martin Braun
Martin Braun 2017.03.30 18:19 

I'm very excited to try this out. Huge thanks to Michales for supporting a trader on the beginning of his road. :)

Ron Glück
Ron Glück 2017.03.25 12:44 

Wonderful EA, it does what you want. Best Strategy for every trade. You win every time. Thank you

16069580 2017.02.26 18:11 

It is actually an amazing EA. If you can optimise the EA settings to suit your trading style, there is a lot of profits to be made. I used the rented version for three months and I was still satisfied with it by the end of that duration. I managed to create consistent results with it once I found the right setup.

Chavorey 2017.02.24 18:46 

After using it on a real account for a week i have to say that´s is a great product. Have no Losses. With the correct setup you will see how your account increases. The first days i tried differents setups and finally find the correct one.

It´s important to leave the EA work and do not touch anything. Dont close any position for yourselve. Let the EA do that. At the end you will see the profits.

It also important to setup correctly when the recovery starts and revoery exit. I´m using a different from the default, but i think the default settings are almost good for the principals currencies.

You only have to be patient and beware of the %risk you use. Patience is the secret. Dont pretend double your account in a week. Take it easy and you are going to make very goods profits.

Great support from Michalis also.

Thanks for all

asaens15 2017.02.04 11:13 

Test thoroughly before purchasing.

setare dehghani
setare dehghani 2017.02.03 09:55 

I love this EA.You can use this software to print money during important news releases and If you become skilled in the use of this software then you can cover all your losing trades.

The author is a gentleman and is always available and patiently answered all your questions.

Thank you dear Michalis

Luigi Viglione
Luigi Viglione 2017.01.13 22:24 

Thank you Michalis, this EA is great and does exactly what it says it will do in the description

The developer helped has been prompt and very helpful with all my questions I asked, which was a lot as I'm a newbie and don't know much.

Finally starting to make a profit with forex trading.

This EA and developer gets my full support, will be buying more from him for sure.

Thank you Michalis, thank you

Igor 2016.12.23 21:01 

Very good product. Able to run independently and with good setting very profitable. I personally recommend.

ispaul 2016.12.15 15:42 

Good for advanced traders, lot of customizable parameters, with the right settings can make profit, Author is very helpful.

Sundaravadiveal TV
Sundaravadiveal TV 2016.12.13 09:29 

An excellent software that helps you from loss due wrong placement of trade. I am using it for last 3 days, performance is as per description.

06/11/2015: Update: Still risk is involved. When trade is going against us in both side, EA will keep opening trades on both side with higher LOT size which would lead to Margin Call. When Margin call occurs, EA would fail to open further orders to Hedge. Even though it is Hedging, when margin call comes it will scare as. Use it with CAUTION. It is recommended that initial Lot should be 0.01 LOT. Otherwise EA might lead to problem quickly if trades were not favorable to you.

Update: 13/12/2016 - Inspite of optimistic settings it blew my Demo account. This EA will not help you when trade is ranging. While ranging it keeps opening new trades in opposite direction and blows the account. In trending, it makes some profit. It is not that worth buying.

Noel Nobleza
Noel Nobleza 2016.12.10 06:58 

I tried this product does not work for me, it overloads the MT4.

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2016.10.18 09:30 

I like this Tool.

mike12486 2016.10.01 07:58 

Amazing tool. This maybe the best and useful tool in the market

I've seen great result by using it. I so happy that i came across this EA not only did it help me gain profit it protected it from

market turns. this truly gives us the advantage we need.

thank you Michalis

a_sane3 2016.09.27 22:57 

can any one share his settings bacause i always loss with this ea

Karl Ritsert
Karl Ritsert 2016.09.26 23:05 

Really good EA, works very well and save.

Good job Mike!

Alberto Alejandro Marrero
Alberto Alejandro Marrero 2016.09.23 04:01 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2016.09.21 22:13 

après avoir testé depuis beaucoup de temps j'ai perdu 3 comptes donc je ne comprend pas pourquoi des personnes font des bénéfices avec cet expert :/

j'ai mis les réglages de l'auteur .....

after testing for a long time I lost 3 accounts so I do not understand why people make profits with this expert: /

I put the author's settings .....

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2016.08.16 15:31 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

THANAS 2016.08.15 12:08 

Really good EA. Good job Mr. Mike.

ironmat 2016.08.01 13:25 

Very good work.


Saya pann
Saya pann 2016.07.29 04:01 

Very complicated to use and with many unknown functions for normal users. No set file to be referred/available and all signals pages are terminated. I have used many similar EA (free and simple) and all are written with best setting by developers. But LRT is not. Maybe need to take long time to explore this EA.

Johnnybee 2016.07.21 22:43 

Hi everyone,

If anyone is looking for an EA to help you look like a super pro. LRT is the one you have to have!!! Michalis has been great to deal with, he answers any question really quick and is always there to help during setup as I had missed of couple of things to do. He made sure the EA was running correctly and with no issues. This EA really does what Michalis says it will and I am so super happy that by some stroke of luck, I came across this EA.

Trading like I know what I am doing now!!!

Thanks again Michalis,


Fady 2016.07.19 16:44 

i am happy with the EA and the support thxxxxxxxxxx a lot

Abdalla Doleh
Abdalla Doleh 2016.06.27 22:53 

I am very happy with the EA and the support behind it. I was able to double my account using my own settings for the EA during Brexit last week. Doesn't get any better than that.

Fengbiao Dong
Fengbiao Dong 2016.06.22 13:51   


Maroun Abou Tanous
Maroun Abou Tanous 2016.06.07 16:26 

Hi All,

The Seller is wonderful ! Very Helpful and easy to communicate with ! Honest and knows his products pros and cons .

I hope he succeed more as such seller on mql5 are rare to see nowadays .

Good luck and for the best

Ahmed Al Saati
Ahmed Al Saati 2016.06.06 23:51 

The idea of this EA is successful if you know how to keep the Risk Reward Ratio (RRR) which is here represented by the zone range/zone exit ratio. I believe that this EA will be more profitable if you use it along with the Double Trader EA which is one of Michalis products. Therefore, I am highly recommending using both products in your trading.

Loss Recovery & Double Trader are Excellent products, I purchased both products and continuously getting a highly professional and committed support from Michalis.

Michalis is an honest, highly communicative and professional developer Whom you can trust and work with.

Thanks again for your professional EA and for your kind and fast responses and support.

Patrickup 2016.05.15 05:37 

Hi guys,

I have been this system for more than 3 months, so far the result is good, it really works like what the name "Loss recovery".

I have recovery all losses I made from other system.

I highly recommend this system to every one. Just make sure you know how to use and control your risk before go real account.

Thanks Michalis for this wonderful program.


Hicham Moudnib
Hicham Moudnib 2016.05.07 20:09 

I've been using this EA for over a year now.

Now I hope that the programming can be used in the markets for years to come.


Just because of your excellent risk reward ratio it doesn't mean you can never end up,

in the small percentage of people that loses.

In my opinion I'm pointing out that a good risk reward ratio should be combined with loss recovery trading.

Meaning that the recovery zone, for example, can represent the risk ratio.

So if this EA is used wisely, or as long as you get more experienced by time, there can be succes.

I still love this technique.

Elpis 2016.04.27 16:29 

An excellent application. Useful and versatile, highly configurable. It helps to better understand the dynamics of the market, but should be used wisely and perfectly calculating the yield risk.

The author is available and quick to respond.

Cosigliata to those looking for an EA like this.

Swen Burdack
Swen Burdack 2016.04.20 10:50 

Very good EA. Works very good as standalone and with TrendDashboard-EA.

The author is very communicative and helps at every stage of usage.

Very fast responsive, if you have problems/questions.

Over the top: He does some personal modifications for me.

I can recommend him > 200% !!!!

Try out this EA (together with TrendDashboard), you will be successful !

All in all I can say: Michalis, thanks a lot for all your work !

Ian79 2016.04.17 20:42 

Good program. It is still a risky system, which has a "Martingale" inspiration in the sense it opens bigger positions every time to recover. Because of that reason, people have to be very careful when using this system. It is a nicely written program, so I give it 4 stars.

EDIT : I took a major blow. It confirms it is like every martingale, sooner or later, you get beaten. I put down to three stars as it is still well programmed but I will personaly stop using it. Too risky for the long term.

Chon Khee Loh
Chon Khee Loh 2016.04.13 11:09 

Awesome EA with brilliant coding and settings.

It works perfectly fine and i am profiting now.

Chris Griffith
Chris Griffith 2016.04.06 18:21 

Cant speak highly enough of this EA along with some of Mike's other EAs. Fantastic support too.

Qingshan Li
Qingshan Li 2016.03.26 06:24 

Thanks Michalis for your great support and fast response. just bought your EA and still testing now. Cheers

Faraz Zolnur
Faraz Zolnur 2016.03.17 15:47 

That the best EA I have ever worked with , I really appreciate dear Michallis for his great , Fast and fantastic support.

Thank you Michallis

nuhll 2016.03.11 14:42 

It does work. BUT for your safety u need BIG DEPOT or need to trade with 0.01 lot..... Author dont want to make his ea better...

edit: if u can take a bit of risk you can trade 0,1lot relative savely with 3000 budget...

mpantogi 2016.03.09 08:48 

Loss Recovery Trader is a gold in the hands of each trader.With the probably risk managment and EA setting you have notthing to worry.

As a rookie, Michalis help me very much and provide me all the informations that i ask him.

I suggest this EA to all.

et6688 2016.02.27 08:56 

Mike's support is second to none - always respond quickly with very useful details. The input allows lots of flexibility and customization, user's manual is well written which covers all the basics. Can't wait to demo test this and update you on its performance. Five star for sure!

Update: 27/2/16: after using LRT just for 4 days, return on equity hit 12.5% (incl. floating P&L). I place manual trades based on simple trend following indicators, this past week the win rate is actually quite bad - win % less than 40%, reward to risk about 1.4. I placed the same trades in a 'control' demo a/c without LRT, which had a 4% loss. I will keep testing and plan to go live in about 3 weeks time. This EA works!

Thank you Mike for making this accessible to the average traders like me!

Horace Delapenha
Horace Delapenha 2016.02.25 17:08 

Hi Michael, thank for your hard work on your EA. I am using it and so far so good.I think you have produce a quality product and as everything in the world nothing is perfect. I didn't get the loss recovery calculator though.

Abel Liu
Abel Liu 2016.02.24 16:08 

Great EA. For more info visit


riya20 2016.02.16 13:40 

Great EA and is a must for any professional trader. Makes profit always if used in a proper way. The support too is awesome any help any time Mike is available for help if we have any issues.

Highly recommended product.

Aleksey Lebedev
Aleksey Lebedev 2016.02.12 15:13 

Купил данный советник вместе с Trend Wave Extrem, настроил как рекомендует разработчик, хорошо работает на явных трендах, но если попадает в боковик, сливает счет.

Сделал собственного советника, который торгует по принципу Мартингейла с высокой доходностью и умеренными рисками за счет нового разработанного алгоритма торговли который учитывает ATR.

Торговля ведется с учетом новостей в полуавтоматическом режиме, выключается заблаговременно до новостей, для того, чтобы все сделки успели закрыться.


P.S. 50% просадки это 200 пунктов против входа в рынок 03.02.2016, АТС все выдержала, двигаемся дальше. (многие советники работающие по Мартингейлу в этот день вообще слили счета)

Wessam Adib
Wessam Adib 2016.02.09 21:19 

It is no rumors I just bought the EA, the EA quality is professional 5 Star. You can trust your money on an account protected by the Loss Recovery Trader EA. And the help and support I got from Michalis is really great.

I had a couple of questions and requests that he answered within minutes !! And he even committed to implement one of my requests in a new update.

I honestly felt I've invested in something of a value and real continued support.

Thank you again Michalis.

toochan 2016.02.06 14:17   

good service and powerful EA that i have never met before.

suggest for perfect EA if i can trade manaully more than one .

Frederick Fung
Frederick Fung 2016.01.29 14:46 

Hi All Traders!

If youre looking to know that youre going to win from this point forth then dont hesitate to jump in and get this EA!

Here is my old Signal with 10k profit!


Here will be my new signal!


Pupong Suebwonglee
Pupong Suebwonglee 2016.01.20 17:38 

Best EA Best Developer!

The EA operates as describes, with proper setting, this EA could yield massive gain. I personally avg. 5-10% a day using this with TED.

What is better than the EA is its developer, Mike. He answers questions by beginner like me with patience, and it seems like he is Online most of the time as my questions got answered almost instantly most of the time.

Highly recommended

Muhammad Farrukh
Muhammad Farrukh 2016.01.17 18:39 

I love the EA. As a beginner struggled a bit but the support was excellent from the creator. One of the Few Ea which does what it says.



yasserkgl 2015.12.11 08:40 

it is great EA

NoNoNader 2015.12.05 23:12 

It's great EA and best support, I gave it 5 star

poh sum yit
poh sum yit 2015.12.02 15:26 

Mike is very prompt in answering emails and listen to feedback, 5 Stars for the amazing support so far.

wroger 2015.11.26 17:48 


yes, best EA, Test it on your DemoAccount and use the best settings, then its always a Winner....

Very good Support, Vers.9.1 works very good, the Grid helps a Lot. Buy it and test it !!

RedBull 2015.11.25 17:53 

Best EA and best support.

Pawel Czechowski
Pawel Czechowski 2015.11.18 16:24 

Very good product I was looking for many months!

The most important thing is that you can connect it to an external EA where your trades are going to be recovered using Loss Recovery Trader.

Also perfect support from the author, responding quickly without any trash talking.

Highly recommended for those who have good systems but wondering how to deal with losing trades.

Calculate the lot size of initial trade - it is the main key to do this properly.

Once you get the knowledge using the manual you will be happy with profits.


Give Michalis an Oscar for creating such great EA and some standing applause for continuing the great job.

Firstly after finding the best setting - afterwards consultation with Michalis I decided to run signal based on LTR -> https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/143454

All I can say I am going to pump even more $ but you know what? I am 100% sure this is the best programmed EA which understands purely the key strategy behind this algorithm.

safetrader 2015.11.18 03:34 

there is nothing special abut this paid EA , you can get this concept (loss recovery system) for free.

Piotr Reut
Piotr Reut 2015.11.12 12:17 

So far one of the best and honest EA available on those pages. Believe me as I have tried few and regret it. It will make pips but you got to follow author advice and use it as instructed. I am not sure why previous reviewer left bad feedbacks just like that but to answer to some of the accusations :

for one; author provide PDF and Excel sheet which explain all what you need to do. Read it and then ask questions

two; he listen suggestion and his feedback is more than excellent. He is available on skype if you need anything. Very patient with your queries and newbie questions, very approachable person

Three; you need tight spreads on this EA which helps a lot. I am using FxPro which is not the best for it but I am doing fine so far and eventually I will move to another broker if my testing will be satisfactory.

Four; drawdown can be limited by using limits inside EA.

Please do remember this EA dose not do magic and there is no holy grail; it was designed to work along with other strategy. It is a RECOVERY EA, which means it will try to recover your bad trades taken by other strategy and is doing this very well so far. I am using it with Trend extreme dashboard EA from the same author because of compatibility. So if your main strategy is giving you let say 70% profitable trades then other 30% is taken over by Recovery EA to put you back into profit again. How about that?

I am still testing this on real account and it looks good so far and I will let you know about my findings at later stage. I would strongly advice people to read all comments here first, try demo, ask for manuals and see what it does even on its own. Also check his trades based on his two EAs, which you could copy for free by the way. Link:


Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 2015.10.29 11:03 

I just started with the recovery trader and I have to say it is "cool."

I love the EA for its simplicity and what more, I like and gives me confidence to continue their EA and with them is the personal attention provided by this developer.


daovinchian 2015.10.26 06:49 

Phenomenal System with a class act Developer. Mike really wants people to succeed with his system and goes out of his way to help you. What was key for me was understanding the spread sheet and how one variable affects another. Once you get it, and don't try to be too aggressive, then the results are amazing! I highly recommend this system, and Mike as a developer :-)

Cesar de Luna
Cesar de Luna 2015.10.23 11:26 

Very useful program.

I advise to start using it in a demo account and to really take the time to understand how it works and the settings that are the best for you.

I have created a demo account and I am using the EA to place the trades.

I use different settings depending the time frame of my trades.

You can follow my signal here so you can see how the EA affects my trades: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/133017

I also appreciate very much the help of the programmer.

Earl Mignott
Earl Mignott 2015.10.19 21:52 

Good program for loss recovery! It's like trading with a safety net. I highly recommend, can be a set it and forget it EA. Mike is the best he really knows his stuff. I use the built in MA I watch as my accounts grows slowly day by day.

Lord John Robert Berendt Von Leviathan III
Lord John Robert Berendt Von Leviathan III 2015.10.12 09:34 

I am testing and utilizing this EA for only a short while now and combined it with the TED to run full-time on a test account. I can only say that with the proper settings this performs well to get a bad position closed as efficiently as possible in most cases. This EA running independently will assist anyone on any account as it is highly customizable. It seems that one can cretail it to just about any strategy deployed to have at least one more tool to use in lieu of just taking a loss. I like the concept and the reliability of this Bot.

The customer service is great with this developer too. If you have questions he is fast to respond and help. He takes an interest in your success and is willing to spend the time it takes to make it work. Great job Mike.


smargrey 2015.09.23 20:09 

EA does what it's made for perfectly, can be customized for nearly any risk appetite. As long as you understand the zone recovery approach going in you'll be extremely happy. The guides provided can fill in any gaps in understanding. Using this with the Trend Extreme Dashboard which is also highly recommended. Support is excellent.

petrik100 2015.09.22 12:46 

The support and goodwill of Mike at the highest level.

The robot is stable and implements what you expect from it. I will not detail all the advantages of the robot, because everything is already in many other reviews.

I will only say that I really like to use Loss Recovery Trader for trade.

Thank you very much, Mike, for the robot!

technow 2015.09.21 14:08 

has nothing special, turns into losses in the same way

Johan Van Der Merwe
Johan Van Der Merwe 2015.09.15 13:51 

Hi All Struggling Traders,

Mike has developed an amazing EA and takes a personal interest in ones trading.

I have seen this strategy before, but it was for megga-bugs ($****) and was not compatible with MT4.

On top of that Mike added some amazing features, like being able to trade manually and from an external EA. This makes this EA a 5 star. I like to place manual trades, do my own analysis, and this EA cover-up where one was wrong in your analysis and gives you up to 15, and more, changes to eventually make a profit.

It turns an average external EA to a winning EA as well, by also picking up the ashes.

Thanks Mike

Best regards


ARM1965 2015.09.14 11:11 

My rating is 5 star for Mike, because he is deserve to get this rating due to his helping attitude regarding his EA , i had no experience about robot trading ...but my 1st experience fantastic due mike's Loss recovery EA...no loss at all ...no confusion , no fear of loss ...main thing is i may be wrong with my any trade ...but this EA will finish it's job by profit, very much interesting ....as per my own experience ,..He has given satisfactory answer to me about his EA with demo before purchasing also ..So I can recommend this EA to any trader, experienced or new

for this logical EA because this EA will take care from my lossing trade trade to profitable and thanks a lot to Mike for his client caring attitude. Best wishes ...A R Mondal

Flavio Graziano
Flavio Graziano 2015.09.09 10:00 

An excellent Expert Advisor that does what the description says. I trade manually the EURUSD and GBPJPY and I wait for the Loss Recovery EA to recover the trades in case I picked the wrong direction. You just need to pick the right settings for your account, don’t be greedy and this EA works great. Mike’s before sale and after sales support was great. He would reply to every question of mine and helped me understand the risks of using this EA.

Khalid Hamdan
Khalid Hamdan 2015.09.08 21:06 

*************************************************************************************************** . This is my extra Stars

I bought 2 EA (Trend Extreme Dasboard + Loss Recovery Trader) , till now the result is nice . my balance is increasing . Also beofre everything the support is amazing

becuase he is honest with clients and you can drop any question or request in skype or email the reply will be fast.

Good job Mr. Mike

jinhee Lee
jinhee Lee 2015.09.07 20:39 

I've tested over 1 month of demo trading. I can't say it's good because it's too risky for me. I don't know how others made good results with it. But I think seller and his description are honest so I give 3 stars for him. If you have a good strategy for it, then you too can be profitable with it. But unfortunately, I don't think it's good for me now. This is just my opinion.

dannyboy 2015.09.07 12:06 

Very impressed with this EA so far. One of the things I really like about it is the flexibility and options on how you actually want to utilise it. At this stage the majority of my backtesting has been profitable, and I'm just playing with the internal trading systems. Very excited to start testing with an actual trading system, where I think this EA will really shine - ie. a situation whereby if you have a win rate of 70-75%, if set up correctly this EA will let you come out with a small profit for those 25-30% times when the markets goes the wrong way rather then a loss.

The beauty of this EA too is that it can essentially be a standalone trading strategy or support another system to increase its profitability - once again, so many different ways to use it.

Mike's support is fanstastic - he is happy to give you advice and recommendations, and even have a chat about different settings and results.

Great job Mike.

EDIT: Have been using this with Mike's Trend Extreme Dashboard EA with great success.

IGFX80 2015.09.03 13:12 

Hi Mike

This is the Best EA i tried ever, great efforts you put, the best thing is, we all knows how to take profit when market is in our favor but this EA works when Market is against of us, where there So many of us fails,

I Purchased this EA, so Far its working Very Very Nice, Last week It made 50% profit of my account balance, in Last Two Weeks i had not a single trade closed in loss. Good job Mike

yes and the Great thing the Quickest response from Mike if we ask questions, I like it

frederic gaspari
frederic gaspari 2015.09.02 17:24 

I bought severals ea and all are bad very bad ea,(loss recovery trader)is a fantastic expert advisor, you can t burn your account,with the strategy that Michalis has implemented your account is protected ,Michalis has answered at all my questions and honestly the price is very reasonable,you can buy eyes closed

Renato_Dotimas 2015.09.01 16:05 

5 star for this EA, it perform as what it is expected on it. You just need to understand every detail to have the most of it. If you are patient and understand how far you can stomach the drawdown based on you setting before it recovers -- you will be find. This also protect you from sudden surge against your trade. So far the best EA for its purpose and a great support. Thank you

Dave 2015.09.01 12:30 


I give this EA 4 stars because it has some bugs, it deletes my pending orders when it is first attached to the chart.

Second it has a 4 star rating because it is a martingale system and will eventually cause a huge draw down, the goal is to make more money then that before it happens. It is difficult to find a setting that does not trade huge lots.

Finally it is difficult to scale because a large draw down is eminent. I can only trade small lots for my trading strategy because once the algorithm kicks in the lot sizes increases exponentially.

After that is all out of the way, I do believe that it is a quality product, but buyer beware it is no silver bullet or holy grail.

I do enjoy using it, and I think that it works great with higher probability break out strategies.

Daniel 2015.09.01 11:17 

Very good work done by Mike on this tool, it’s unbelievable!!!. You just have to see it!!

This EA is very accurate and precisely to the point, it recovers all your losing trades whether it’s a Long or short position.

I am so happy I bought this tool.

I recommend this EA to any trader experienced or not experienced. Best investment you can ever make after you have wasted money for years.

Regarding support, Mike has a very good client care and very good person to work with. This makes the value you getting being priceless.

It’s time to recover all my loses I have made for years....

Kind Regards.

fxcugor Chen
fxcugor Chen 2015.08.30 01:29 

Greeting to all,

The EA really a must 5 star.

I look for the improved EA for long time,

After purchased for a week,

The EA really help out a lot.

until work with EUR and GOLD, gain over 10%.

Thank you for the great job,

wait for next improved update

Keep good work, Michalis


So far I know a lot people lost during this week.

Thanks again, this EA helped.


Use manual trade one at a time. depends on your risk.

Zach61 2015.08.26 20:32 

So far it has worked just as I hoped it would. Mike's support and information on how to use the program has been great, he's been very helpful along the way. This is a very good EA.

Ovied 2015.08.26 12:55 

I demo tested this EA and I intentionally made bad trades. After watching those bad trades turn into small profit a new world of forex trading has opened up to me. I no longer have to sit in front of my computer and worry about trades going bad. I rank this EA as one of the top products in the market.

I feel foolish for not getting this EA sooner. I use this as my primary trading strategy and I don't ever enter trades without having this protection.

Thank you for such a Powerful tool.

Chin Hou Sou
Chin Hou Sou 2015.08.25 19:31 

This maybe the best and useful tool in the market

Because that's such a shield to protect your money

So you don't need to care about the loss ,the ea will help you to take it back

And nothing is hidden,it is so clearly

Good Job!!!

Carlos Vara
Carlos Vara 2015.08.24 23:58 

This EA works!!!!!.Great product and great support from Mike.Today i saved my account using this EA while a lot of traders lost all their money,I am still testing it but very good begining

abrahamfaith8 Adaji
abrahamfaith8 Adaji 2015.08.20 22:49   

There is nothing like this EA on earth right now.It gives me profit always and recovers all my bad trades.Something that is so amazing is the comprehensive instructional manual that comes with it that if careful study and understood it can suite anyone risk appetite.Also,the inventor is so wonderful with it customer service.As an inquisitive person that is skeptical and ask unending questions,he kept on responding to my questions continually and was never tired.The feedback was awesome.Thanks Mike, at last i have something that works in the FX market.

Kaiten 2015.08.18 16:41 

One of the best EA I have used so far. Good recovery if you plan your lot sizes accordingly to your available margin. Good after sale service from the seller as well. I made a decent return after using for 1 month.

Freddy Ruiz
Freddy Ruiz 2015.08.17 21:54 

Great support from the Autor. The EA does exactly what is made to do. Excellent tool with a proper risk management. Good Job Mike.

andypcw 2015.08.16 11:20 

Seller is very professional and approachable. Although I am still trying out various features, the EA is working very well for me so far. To me, the price is definitely worth it and am already telling a few friends about this EA.

Fabricio Correia
Fabricio Correia 2015.08.07 14:57 

Really good EA. makes all my trades easier to control and don't need to be in front of the pc all day checking the trades, just set order and place this EA. also quick help from the author in helping setting up. All and all very happy with this purchase. If u find yourself in the loosing end of forex this will help in not loosing all your money

7/8/15 UPDATE:because this EA recovers all loosing trades I made 40% in the first week of using this....on a real account during NFP release...

thank you Michalis

Jeanne Barkhuizen
Jeanne Barkhuizen 2015.08.06 14:08 

Must say this is one of the best ea's i have seen in along time if you are new to trading then really go for it will help learn the market the way it moves and what size to trade and you can set your own hedge size with the calculator that the developer sends you you know what you can trade and plan before trading and for the price he is selling really good thanks for you sharing your ea.



PredatorStyle 2015.07.23 11:39 

This EA works with a realy nice strategy. I've run it since a week and my account growths 10%. You've only to find the right settings, and if you do it's like a "you can't loose" one :)

The support is also a 5 star rating!

Thank you!

Timo Schroeter
Timo Schroeter 2015.07.16 12:43 

This EA and Mikes support saved my ass ehm deposit :-)

Nithi Jivarungruang
Nithi Jivarungruang 2015.06.02 19:12 

Very good piece of work.

The strategy is very good.

Also the owner supports me very very well.

He gave me the manual which is extremely helpful.

Don't be afraid to not be able to use it.

He will help you until you feel 150USD is too cheap for the product and support.

Thank you

raynce 2015.05.26 10:24 

Hi guys,

This is the best EA i ever encountered. Its actually WORKS! and the best part is ... its semi EA! it means you can either let it to start the trade or u start ur own trade !

Its does recover all my bad trades position with just a split of time. At first im worry about i might not know how to use it... but surprisingly the author's after sales service is superb. He willingly to guide me step by step throughout the whole process. :)

I would highly recommend this to everyone here. TRY It and you will definately love it .



Version 11.2 2016.06.30
Resolved lot rounding issue when selecting multiplier mode
Version 11.1 2016.05.25
Removed the alert "hide" appearing with no reason.
Version 11.0 2016.04.27
Hopefully a number of reported bugs and the safety placing issue have been resolved
Version 10.1 2016.04.04
-Tried fixing the bug from v10 of double orders placement
-Option safety placing added instead of forced to true (experimental): It will force an instant trade in the event an order does not get triggered.
Version 10.0 2016.03.16
- Forcing trade to be placed in case stop order does not get triggered.
- Better control for grid trades.
Version 9.4 2016.02.10
Added ability to use as Recovery Zone Range the Stop Loss of the initial trade.

Once the initial trade has been placed (manual/external EA trade), Loss Recovery Trader will read how many pips the Stop Loss of that trade was, remove the stop loss and save in its memory that number as the Recovery Zone Range. A stop trade will be placed at the opposite direction. (Not valid for Grid Mode or when Hedge Mode is 'false'). The Recovery Zone Exit Pips will be a multiple of the Recovery Zone Range Pips that you set.

How to use
Under Advanced Setting
use_zone_as_external_sl : Set to True if you want to use this feature.
recovery_zone_multiplier: How many times bigger than the Recovery Zone Range Pips the Recovery Zone Exit Pips will be.
Version 9.3 2015.12.10
Fixed lot calculation issue occurring when system restarts.
Version 9.2 2015.11.30
- Fixed the comment names, that sometimes were giving trade no 2 twice.
Version 9.1 2015.11.23
-Added the option "Close_Trades_Before_TP" where user sets whether or not the First Trade can be closed before reaching before reaching their selected Take Profit.
Version 9.0 2015.11.18
- Faster algorithm
- More easy to use options

- Ability to use with grid trades
- Max drawdown option
- Time filter options
- Close on Friday options
Version 8.2 2015.09.10
Ability to terminate the external EA that opens the trades when External EA is used to initiate trades.
Version 8.1 2015.09.03
Trail the exit point for no_hedge mode
Slippage mode for no_hedge mode
Fixed some minor bugs
Version 8.0 2015.08.14
- Added No Hedge Recovery Mode to Allow traders with No Hedge capabilities to use the EA.
Version 7.1 2015.05.06
-Allows use on symbols/brokers where min lot size and increment is 0.1 or 0.01 . Automatically detected.
-Faster Code.
-Allows using pending orders from external manual trades or EAs.
-Issue with Protect Profit resolved.
-Kill All Now function for closing all open trades.
Version 7.0 2015.04.23
A significant number of bugs resolved.
Version 6.0 2015.03.25
Fixed a bug occurring when Enable Second Chance and Trailing Stop is True.
Version 5.0 2015.03.23
-Ability for trades to opened by an external EA , or manual trades to be recovered by the Loss Recovery EA
-Second Chance mode that puts more weight in the initial trade giving it more chance to avoid falling into recovery zone
-Ability to trail the exit points increasing the potential trades without increasing risk
-Ability to determine the profits after recovery as a fixed amount
Version 1.40 2015.01.20
- When entering entry_price exceeding 0, an actual pending order is placed.
- spread_close option for closing all trades once either reaches stop loss to avoid waiting the spread to cover opposite type spread to reach Take Profit.
Version 1.10 2015.01.16
- BackTest settings adjusted by default.