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Atomic79 EA


ATOMIC79 is an Expert Advisor designed for the gold (XAUUSD) market.


    • Four market entry strategies based on the iTREND custom indicator.
    • It uses the averaging technique to minimize exposure risk and maximize profit.
    • Two modes: TURBO and SAFE
    • Ability to limit trading days and block trades outside of the daily price range to protect against volatility in the gold market.
    • Automatic grid system, a dynamic take profit system and a Stop Loss system based on the number of trades.
    • Filter for NFP ( non-farm payrolls ). It is an event that usually hits the market on the first Friday of the month.
    • Advanced recovery mode.
    • Profit protection with Breakeven and Trailing Stop.
    • News filter and economic events.

    • Advanced and constantly updated algorithms.
    • More powerful and cheaper than its competitors.
    • Search for inefficiencies and real market trends.
    • Price action analysis, technical indicators, and actual trading data.
    • Very active user support.
    • Live signals for user tracking.
    • Channel to keep up to date with the latest news.
    • Complete User Guide.
    • 3 official ready-to-use sets are offered

    Summary of operation:

    • The technical and price action condition has occurred to generate a buy or sell signal.
    • Spread and slip are less than the maximum allowed.
    • There is no calendar or time limitation.
    • The price is not out of the range of 3 days.
    • The price has not deviated too much from the 5 minute EMA.
    • Today is not the first Friday of the month (NFP day).

    If these conditions are met, a buy or sell trade will be opened.

    In this case, three situations can occur:

    1. The price reaches the Take Profit: the trade is closed with a profit.
    2. The price approaches 70% of the Take Profit but moves away again: the Trailing Stop is activated. It will be closed with Stop Loss with profit.
    3. The price has moved away from the target: a Grid trade will be opened.

    In the Grid scenario, there are two operations and the following circumstances can occur:

    1. The sum of the open trades adds the Take Profit: all trades with profits are closed.
    2. The current cycle is at a loss, but two or more trades are at a favorable profit point with the possibility of a rally: Recovery mode is activated and trades are closed in groups of two, leaving other trades open.
    3. The price moves further away from the profit, thus opening a new trade and repeating the sequence.

    Finally there are two possible scenarios:

    ▶️ Close with benefit.

    ▶️Close with losses due to the activation of a logical Stop Loss (maximum operations, maximum losses).

    ------------------------------ VISUAL
    • Select Visual Mode:
    • Font Size (Profits)
    • Move Panel Pixels (Profits)
    • Comment for Orders.

    ------------------------------ INDICATORS
    • Indicator Timeframe
    • MA Period (Strategy 4xDT)

    ------------------------------ VOLATILITY
    • Use Volatility Filter
    • Volatility Period
    • Volatility Method
    • Volatility Timeframe
    • Volatility Deviation

    ------------------------------ STRATEGY
    • Select Strategy
    • select mode
    • Max Trades:
    • Close Before Max Trades
    • Close by Opposite Strategy 4xDT

    ------------------------------ LOTS
    • magic number
    • Lot Type
    • First Lot
    • for each (money)
    • LotMode
    • Lot Multiplier
    • Max Lot Allowed

    ------------------------------ TAKE PROFIT

    • Take Profit Type
    • Profit per Trade
    • Use TP Based on Range
    • Optimizer Mode
    • Optimizer Value

    ------------------------------ RECOVERY MODE
    • Allow Recovery System
    • Trades for Recovery System
    • Use Weekly Profits
    • Trades for Use Weekly Profits

    ------------------------------ GRID
    • Automatic Grid Distance
    • Range for Grid
    • Range Timeframe
    • Range Subdivisions
    • GridOnNewBar
    • New Bar Timeframe
    • Min Step for Grid
    • Step Multiplier

    ------------------------------ ZONES FILTER
    • Use Reverse Zones
    • Days for Zones
    • Show Reverse Zones
    • Line Color
    • line style

    ------------------------------ NEWS FILTER
    • News Filter
    • Minutes Before News
    • Minutes After News
    • News Importance

    ------------------------------ STOP LOSS
    • Use Total Stop Loss?
    • Adjust Stop Loss based on Balance
    • Stop Loss

    ------------------------------ BREAKEVEN
    • use BREAKEVEN
    • Activate BE when TP% is...:

    ------------------------------ SPREAD AND SLIPPAGE
    • MaxSlippage
    • MaxSpread

    ------------------------------ TIME FILTER
    • Use TOD Filter
    • GMT Difference
    • TOD_From_Hour, TOD_From_Min
    • TOD_To_Hour, TOD_To_Min

    ------------------------------ DAY FILTER
    • TradeMonday
    • TradeTuesday
    • TradeWednesday
    • TradeThursday
    • TradeFriday
    • TradeSaturday
    • TradeSunday

    ------------------------------ NFP FILTER
    • Close Trades NFP day
    • Max Loss for Close NFP day
    • Limit Lot in NFP day
    • Max Lot in NFP day

    ------------------------------ BUTTONS
    • Close Button Position
    • New Cycle Button on Screen
    • New Cycle Button Position
    • New Cycle Button on Screen

    Reviews 20
    BLF 2023.03.03 04:57 

    I have been running Atomic79 for a while now with the Mypersonalsetfiles from the Author. The results have been excellent. I started with 5K but DD hit 2k on the first day I ran Atomic79. So I changed the capital to 10K to keep the DD around 20%. After running Atomic79 since September 2022, it has been great looking at its performance. Been through much turbulence but it always cleared up. Thank you Trendex for their amazing product. Today they updated to V12, I can't wait to see what wonders it will bring. Keep up the great work. Response from the author is fast and friendly.

    JUAN rulfo
    JUAN rulfo 2023.02.25 08:21 

    It's a very good EA, Back testing matches live results. Stick with default settings This EA is one of the greatest advisor on the market Without any doubts in fact it’s a live saver for any trader, My advice for all the traders go ahead and buy it, It will save you a lot of troubles you might encounter during your trade, It’s a complete recovery system working perfectly for any trader regardless of their experience, I would like to thank the author for his great job.. Don't change anything else in the EA, Its perfect. Thank you.

    Urs Martin von Känel
    Urs Martin von Känel 2022.12.20 19:30 

    I've been using the Atomic 79 on a $3000 account since today. A real money machine! I am aware that in trading we calculate with probabilities. I'm hoping with some luck and good money management I'll be able to get the Atomic 79 under control. In any case, many thanks to Enrique for the great robot.

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    Hello all New updates have been made to how Expert Forex Trading EA works. He is an assistant service expert in trade From the expert settings There is a control box in the buy operation only Or sell only With 30 checkboxes In controlling future transactions   Buy_Stop   Sell_Stop   Buy_Limit   Sell_Limit With the control of the size of the Lots and the TakeProfit and the StopLoss. Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk p
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    Rio MT4
    Ruben Octavio Gonzalez Aviles
    5 (2)
    Rio is a complex and novel algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence in combination with traditional technical analysis to predict market movements. This Expert Advisor makes use of Recurrent Neural Networks, specifically Long-Short-Term-Memory cells, that are trained using data from technical analysis indicators. Through this method, the EA is able to learn which indicators are most relevant for future price movements and act upon them. Furthermore, LSTM networks are particularly suitable for
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    299 USD
    Advanced Japanese Trend MT4
    Ho Tuan Thang
    4.25 (4)
    ONLY 4 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $299! After that, the price will be raised to $399. - REAL SIGNAL: IC Markets 1:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1772784 IC Markets 2:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1869714 Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here:     https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tuanthang/seller IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. Some Features: - Stop loss per trade - At now, it's just su
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    Farzad Saadatinia
    3.38 (8)
    Index Hunter Pro is a complete automated trading robot that uses a breakout strategy to trade the DOW30. It scans a certain period of time during the day and sends the order if it receives confirmations. it does not use any risky strategies like grid or martingale, each trade is covered by adequate stoploss. This EA has many options that help you a lot in personalization and capital management. Price Now  289  USD   -->  Next Price is 469 USD . Live Signals :   https://www.mql5.com/en/signa
    289 USD
    Darwin Swing MT4
    Guillaume Duportal
    5 (12)
    Darwin SWING Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD DESCRIPTIONS: -- To understand how it works, come read the blog (This EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading...If you like the way I look at it, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- To see the past performance here are the links of the signals Live and demo signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller EXPLANATION: After t
    999 USD
    Index Scalper PRO MT4
    Evgenii Aksenov
    4.38 (16)
    Scalping trading system is designed in accordance with the principle of movement to the average value of the market price. Index Scalper PRO has a built-in intelligent system for quick closing of transactions. The scalper has a built-in News Filter function that tracks news from banks and governments and suspends trading during the release of important world events or changes in interest rates. You can adjust the importance of the news and the trading pause period before and after the news, and
    1 250 USD
    Gold Veritas MT4
    Marat Baiburin
    5 (6)
    Gold Veritas  is a fully automatic Forex Expert Advisor for quiet hours. Discount on all my goods in honor of the beginning of spring! The offer is valid until 04/03/2023! Monitoring the work of the adviser:  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/bayburinmarat/seller Correct GMT setting:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/743531 All the parameters necessary for the most understandable and simple optimization are available in just 6 settings. You can adapt the adviser to your preferences: adjust risk
    499 USD
    Multi scalper expert
    Leonid Arkhipov
    5 (1)
    Multi scalper expert does not use any dangerous trading methods (martingale, grids, etc.). To analyze the market, the adviser uses popular indicators CCI, WPR, ATR, MA, FRACTALS and many filters for entering and exiting positions. The robot contains everything you need for successful night trading Trading is carried out only with a fixed lot. Able to work on many currency pairs and remain profitable in the long run. Thanks to the multicurrency of the Expert Advisor, you are guaranteed to receiv
    300 USD
    GoldenScalp MT4
    Konstantin Kulikov
    Hello algo traders. This Expert Advisor can be considered the apogee of my activity in Forex. I managed to apply all my knowledge to the development of this trading system. The Expert Advisor trades on gold (XAUUSD), any timeframe (the same on any TF), the initial account balance is from $50. The following presets are available "GS default SL 001for100" (same as default settings). Each position has several closing logics, including a hidden StopLoss, which is calculated individually for each
    287 USD
    Edge EA Pro MT4
    Aleksandr Zheltikov
    5 (2)
    Edge is a fully automated trading system that finds trading opportunities and places trades by combining technical indicators, price action analysis, wave analysis and all-day market pattern analysis using Fibonacci areas. Based on historical market data, the system's thinly layered multilayer neural network is trained to identify patterns and relationships that can be used to predict future price movements. The neural network processes various inputs, including price data, technical indicators
    599 USD
    MagicWay MT4
    Evgeniy Zhdan
    5 (6)
    MagicWay is an automatic trading system that uses patterns in the behavior of three currency pairs. Market trading transactions of three different instruments complement each other, bringing their results to a common goal. The default settings are suitable for getting started without modification. Signals: MT4:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1620204 MT5:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1620214 This is a multi-currency Expert Advisor - when installed on one chart, the Expert Advisor works
    999 USD
    Aura Superstar MT4
    Stanislav Tomilov
    5 (4)
    Aura Superstar  is a fully automated EA designed to trade  currencies during rollover time .  It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic scalping  algorithms. The first multi-currency scalper using deep machine learning mechanism, a multi-level perceptron and an adaptive neuro filter combined with classic indicators. Expert showed stable results since 2003 year. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid, or hedge. Suitable for any good ECN broker.  I
    495 USD
    Maserati EA MT4
    Artem Minchuk
    4.18 (11)
    The Maserati Method trading strategy is innovation in the financial market. After years of painstaking research and development, I developed this approach to embody the essence of the iconic Maserati brand - a combination of sophistication, excellence and attention to detail. The Maserati method, based on cutting-edge technology, is designed to stay ahead of the curve for those seeking leadership in the financial market. The Maserati method seeks to dynamically adapt to market changes. Through
    799 USD
    Tatyana Kulyapina
    4.03 (39)
    PRADO is a safe expert advisor   that trades pending orders, stop loss and take profit are set immediately, a multifunctional trailing stop works. Starting from version 7.0, the EA has 4 trading strategies. Thanks to the work of 4 strategies at the same time, a smoother profitability graph is obtained for any market behavior. PRADO   does not use: grids, averaging, increasing the volume of orders and other dangerous tricks. Minimum deposit   100$   . Intraday trading   from trend levels. The in
    500 USD
    Lamborghini EA MT4
    Artem Minchuk
    5 (1)
    The Lamborghini trading strategy is an innovative approach in the financial market that has been developed through years of meticulous research and development. This strategy encapsulates the very essence of the iconic Lamborghini brand, which is renowned for its blend of sophistication, excellence, and meticulous attention to detail. With the help of cutting-edge technology, the Lamborghini trading strategy is designed to provide a competitive edge to those seeking to achieve leadership in the
    499 USD
    Making decisions about where to put your money can be a daunting task for an investor. But with The Investment Innovator, you can take control and make informed choices. My system is designed to provide you with, up-to-date information by analyzing vast amounts of market data in real time. Using sophisticated algorithms, I identify patterns and trends, giving you personalized recommendations that match your unique investment preferences. My goal is to help you stay ahead of the curve and capita
    699 USD
    Prophet EA
    Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
    Hello Traders! I present the "Prophet" strategy, it is the one chosen for a high winrate and for long and stable trading prophet is the chosen one among many, because it is a strategy highlighted by the importance of the winrate, it is one of the few strategies that you will find similar to a winrate of %100, it is based on an internal algorithm consulting several strategy factors so that can be carried out   and fence adapting to the market contains all the necessary protections to control
    2 800 USD
    More from author
    Nexus EA Forex
    Enrique Enguix
    4.69 (26)
    I would like to share my experience in trading with you. I started in 2010 and like many people, I was looking to learn how to generate consistent profits in the financial market. However, I realized it was not as easy as promised in some advertisements. I learned that winning in trading required effort and patience , and that it was important not to fall into the temptation of following the so-called "market stars" that promise quick and easy profits. Instead, I focused on earning money gr
    710 USD
    SuperBot EA
    Enrique Enguix
    5 (9)
    MOST WILL NOT READ ALL THIS... ...I WOULDN'T EITHER... ….THESE TEXTS ARE VERY BORING … ...AND WHEN YOU READ IT YOU REALIZE THAT THEY ARE NOT USEFUL FOR ANYTHING... BUT THERE ARE A FEW THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW YES OR YES: 1. Superbot  opens  market operations.  W hat market?  The FOREX (exchange of currencies.) 2. In addition to opening them, also  close . All   automatic   . 3. Superbot tries to follow the   trend   market, but you can configure it to do the opposite. 4. If you
    150 USD
    Atomic79 Rookies
    Enrique Enguix
    4.4 (5)
    This is a newbie version of our   Original Atomic79 EA   . It is the perfect alternative for those Center users who want a more powerful EA without spending a lot of money. Atomic79 Rookies is an automatic Expert Advisor, which does not require any type of configuration. You must use it on the symbol XAUUSD on M15 The minimum capital to use it is $1500 Leverage not less than 1:500 is recommended The account must be of the Hedge type, that is: it must admit BUYs and SELLs at the same time It is
    90 USD
    Nexus EA Forex MT5
    Enrique Enguix
    5 (5)
    500 USD
    Center EA
    Enrique Enguix
    4.42 (167)
    CENTER   EA is an Expert Advisor   Automatic   . It has been used by many users for months and the doubts are always the same: 1. It is an EA that can be used with or without a martingale. If the Lot Multiplier is greater than 1.0, then the martingale is used. If set to 1.0, the size of all trades will be the same. 2. It is an averaging EA. The Take Profit and the Stop Loss are for the set of operations, not for individual operations. 3. The Take Profit and the Stop Loss are established i
    amtek9999 2023.03.03 05:19 

    hi sir how can return v11 ???

    BLF 2023.03.03 04:57 

    I have been running Atomic79 for a while now with the Mypersonalsetfiles from the Author. The results have been excellent. I started with 5K but DD hit 2k on the first day I ran Atomic79. So I changed the capital to 10K to keep the DD around 20%. After running Atomic79 since September 2022, it has been great looking at its performance. Been through much turbulence but it always cleared up. Thank you Trendex for their amazing product. Today they updated to V12, I can't wait to see what wonders it will bring. Keep up the great work. Response from the author is fast and friendly.

    JUAN rulfo
    JUAN rulfo 2023.02.25 08:21 

    It's a very good EA, Back testing matches live results. Stick with default settings This EA is one of the greatest advisor on the market Without any doubts in fact it’s a live saver for any trader, My advice for all the traders go ahead and buy it, It will save you a lot of troubles you might encounter during your trade, It’s a complete recovery system working perfectly for any trader regardless of their experience, I would like to thank the author for his great job.. Don't change anything else in the EA, Its perfect. Thank you.

    Urs Martin von Känel
    Urs Martin von Känel 2022.12.20 19:30 

    I've been using the Atomic 79 on a $3000 account since today. A real money machine! I am aware that in trading we calculate with probabilities. I'm hoping with some luck and good money management I'll be able to get the Atomic 79 under control. In any case, many thanks to Enrique for the great robot.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.12.20 19:40
    Fantastic! I hope that account starts to grow!
    ollih 2022.12.18 14:39 

    Atomic79 is one of the best EAs I have bought so far. It is world class in volatile markets. In trend markets, it still has room for improvement. It also works in markets other than gold, e.g. EURUSD. I am already looking forward to future updates

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.12.18 14:40
    Thanks for write ollih!
    Trading-Soldier 2022.12.17 21:12 

    I've been using Atomic79 for a long time and I think this EA is just great. Each day is closed with a profit. However, I spent days and nights trying to find my own setup. This runs very successfully on my live account. Enrique can be reached at any time and is very helpful. All EAs are constantly updated, which contributes to permanent operational readiness. Tips and suggestions for improvement are discussed. The Telegram group is also highly recommended. Atomic79 and Trendex are highly recommended! It's all just money management. Keep it up

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.12.17 21:29
    Thanks for your review!
    tops10 2022.12.02 18:47 

    This thing works! Makes me 40-100USD per day with minimum lot size 0.01. Do this: 1. Give it ENOUGH equity (better 3000 for 0.01 lot using the aggressive settings) 2. Do not trade during the USD high impact news days. Just switch it off and relax 3. Do not interrupt the trades, the robot knows what to do, just watch. 4. Find a good ECN broker with the lowest possible spreads and use a fast VPS located where your broker's servers are. Knowing Enrique's background a little bit I can say that he is probably the best dev on the platform: super honest, responsible, reactive on messages and endlessly patient about dumb questions he receives every day. Thank you, Enrique, I'm wishing you wealth and long life, may all your goals come true.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.12.02 19:16
    Thank you very much for the message. I am very grateful for your review. I hope you continue to be as successful
    Jake  Chen
    Jake Chen 2022.11.09 02:04 

    Why is the signal down? Is it blown?,Because I already had one blowout in August,This EA doesn't have the capacity to deal with big trends!!

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.11.14 23:37
    When there is a big trend the EA stops until it enters the range. So I don't know how to respond to that statement you make.
    Skb_067 2022.10.25 19:34 

    Don't waste your money buying this robot. This is just a typical martingale. You can find better martingales thn this for free on internet. It just works on luck and no logic is involved. Strong gold trends will wipe your account. Stay out of this guys

    studentspower 2022.10.05 16:57 

    Testing for almost 10 days and the results are stable and promising. Made some good profits. Enrique is always there to support and help and advise. Very good communication and very recommendable EA. I also uese the Nexus EA which I can also recommend. Also good thing is that you can rent and test the products and sure it will pay off quickly.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.10.05 21:48
    Thank you very much for writing a review, I am very grateful
    Eckhard Mueller
    Eckhard Mueller 2022.10.04 20:07 

    This is my new favourite EA. Outstanding reliable performance and very good user support by Enrique. It´s a pleasure to work with professionals like him. Happy trading from Germany and keep up the good work!

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.10.05 21:47
    Thank you very much for your 5-star rating, it is an honor for me coming from a great professional like you
    Ivan Zaitsev
    Ivan Zaitsev 2022.09.02 11:47 

    the product that this person provided is simply incredible, it shows excellent results, I purchased 2 NEXUS and ATOMIC79 products, both products are unique and have their own strategy, they are all profitable, but with standard settings (sets) from the author, I did not get to make stable money on historical data, but with the help of a strategy tester, you can to pick up unique sets that match my deposit and trading style, which give a profit of 20 to 50 percent per month, it's a pity that I didn't meet this person earlier, I would have bought his products right away))) I would be very grateful if one day he could transfer the advisers to the MT5 terminal.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.09.02 12:16
    Thank you very much for this very good review. I hope that the product continues to meet your expectations, and we can even improve them, we work for it. Thank you
    Whip Saw
    Whip Saw 2022.07.11 20:30 

    Have been demo testing Atomic for 6 weeks now on 3 different brokers with varying spreads. Solid results and gains on all 3. Enrique and his team are top notch. Very attentive to user questions and suggestions. Always looking for improvements. NOTE: They/we are investors looking for long term sustainability from the system(s). As good as it perfoms, this is not a get rich quick system. Read and listen to the information provided and use the tools to your risk and comfort levels.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.07.11 20:47
    Very grateful for this comment. Thank you!
    Martin Villafañe
    Martin Villafañe 2022.07.06 10:28 

    Llevo varios meses trabajando el con Atomi79c, y estoy muy satisfecho con los resultados de este EA, no solo por la fiabilidad, y DD realmente bajos. Si no también por el soporte técnico, y las actualizaciones/mejoras continuas del producto. muy recomendable.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.07.11 20:47
    Gracias por todo Martín!
    ManuelTrader78 2022.07.06 09:46 

    I have been using Atomic EA for a while now. My experience is being very positive. Both with the EA and with the relationship with the creator. He is always there to help and advise you, something that is very important to me. The performance of the robot is simply impressive. Every day benefits and with safety symptoms. One of the best EAs on the market without a doubt.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.07.11 21:08
    Thank you for your review. It is very important for us!
    ninatjeuw 2022.07.01 15:46 

    Atomic Ea really lives up to its name. a single drop and then KAABOOMMMM. yes, my 1650 usd balance account has been turned into dust within 72 hours. initial lot 0.01. i used the setting provided by the developer (A79 MPS2C GOLD v10.40.set ). my broker is tickmill pro account. btw, i just rented the ea 3 days ago. good luck to other users before the next drop is coming. BBBBBOOOOOMMMM.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.07.02 18:04
    I'm sorry about it. Other users have done well. But I understand your frustration. Atomic79 is a good product, obviously it's not perfect, no system is.
    Luis Pablo
    Luis Pablo 2022.06.24 00:45 

    Atomic 79 es un gran EA lo adquirí recientemente, lo opero en una cuenta real con VPS y muestra un desempeño consistente. Volveré a publicar una reseña más adelante para compartir mi opinión en algunos meses. Les anticipo que es un gran desarrollo que vale lo que pagas por él.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.06.28 07:57
    Gracias Luis Pablo, te deseo mucho éxito!
    Orencio511931 2022.06.17 17:37 

    I´m an ATOMIC user for the last 2 monts, and It´s really wonderful, specially with the new Scalping SETS that are very safe and profitable day after day. With the other sets it´s also very profitable but with a bigger DD (that You can solve with a bigger account). Enrique is just perfect, very professional and helpful. Wish all the team the best luck, and keep improving. I´d recommend 100%.

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.06.28 07:56
    Thank you very much for your evaluation. It is a pleasure for me to receive such a good review. I hope you have a lot of success!
    Kryptofe 2022.06.15 16:14 

    What to say about Atomic! my best EA for gold, new upgrade and scalping set i get 20% monthly with very low DD

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.06.15 19:42
    FANTASTIC! Thank you!
    MiguelEn 2022.05.14 15:20 

    Works as a charm in gold, the current sets let you decide the type of trading where you can feel more at ease. I love this EA

    Enrique Enguix
    Reply from developer Enrique Enguix 2022.05.14 19:38
    Very very thanks for your review!
    Reply to review
    Version 12.50 2023.03.21
    Deep fix and code improvement. Reported bugs have been fixed
    Version 12.30 2023.03.15
    Required update:

    Fixed required mql5 function SYMBOL_TRADE_FREEZE_LEVEL,
    which indicates in points the freezing distance of trade operations for pending orders and open positions.
    Fixed Step interference with opposite condition re-open limit.
    Fixed error 4051 when closing operations by Recovery in brokers with Lot Step = 3 (rare)
    Added additional information to Save_Resources
    Exclusive Set Upgrade (Recommended Set)
    Normalized Modify Order values of the Breakeven and considered Ask and Bid prices of the function
    Improved CheckMoneyforTrade
    Version 12.1 2023.03.10
    Fixed bug in "Balance Lot" if NFP was active
    Version 12.0 2023.03.02
    The performance and speed of the code have been improved, for a more optimal and faster experience. The layout of the inputs has also been improved, thus facilitating their use.

    Small system bugs that affected its operation have been fixed, improving the reliability of the Expert Advisor.

    Added new inputs specific to the NFP day, thus providing greater adaptability to changes in the market.

    The Step has been optimized to work with fractions of the daily range, allowing greater precision and control when opening new trades.

    Take Profit is now based on fractions of the daily range, which increases the efficiency of the system when closing trades.

    A volatility filter based on the deviation of the moving average has been introduced, improving the security of the system in moments of greater uncertainty.

    The TOD filter is now based on the GMT server time change, allowing better adaptation to different times and time zones.

    The timing of the backtest has been fixed, which ensures greater consistency and precision in the results obtained in the historical tests of the system.

    Built-in Breakeven option
    Version 11.0 2022.09.16
    Version 11.0 has two Modes. Safe and Turbo. The SAFE mode works only in favor of the trend: Both the main input and the grid only go in favor of the trend (understand that it is impossible to know the trend exactly). While the TURBO mode works similarly to previous versions: trend grid + countertrend

    The changes in this version, therefore, are related to the addition of the turbo mode. The inputs related to the forced opening of some trades in favor of the trend have been eliminated, since it is implicit in the opening.

    Extended Explanation:
    1. Replaced my hive method, with a more restrictive condition based on centroid strength
    2. The number of inputs referring to strategies has been reduced, now there is ONLY one variant of strategy B
    3. Added Lot Mode (multiplier, adder)
    4. Added Maximum Batch allowed
    Version 10.60 2022.07.07
    1. Correction of small bugs related to graphic objects
    2. Improved EA stability
    Version 10.50 2022.06.23
    Fixed a bug in the NEW CYCLE / NO NEW CYCLE button
    Added inputs to change colors, some users prefer original MT4 colors
    Small changes to the oplog to find possible bugs
    Version 10.40 2022.06.15
    Added parameters based on the alternation of operations.
    Button to not allow a new cycle. For those of you who have Nexus, you already know how it works.
    ---> If you leave the button red, closing the current cycle will not open a new cycle
    Recovery mode can now use weekly earnings.
    ---> With this option active, there may be stall cycles.
    Minor horizontal redistribution of Save Resources

    Remember that a favorable opinion of this product helps us enormously to dedicate means to improve our EAs
    Version 10.20 2022.05.25
    Allows you to remove the "Close All" button from the chart
    Added Stop Loss per trade
    Version 10.0 2022.05.02
    1. Improved registry entries
    2. Input name of the EA in the comments
    3. Fixed small bugs (repeated operations)
    4. New strategy based on candlesticks (less lag)
    5. Visual mode Resource saving
    6. Limitation of operations before and after the news
    7. Limit trades in countertrend when it exceeds a number of hours and Atomic is in loss
    8. In countertrend, we open trades in favor if conditions are met
    9. Reverse Zones lines are drawn on the graph
    10. Improved recovery mode
    11. Added strategy B, based on price action

    You can use a set equivalent to the previous version, available for download
    The new version, version 10, aims to be smoother, using a very low Lot Multiplier 1.02
    Version 9.10 2022.03.10
    Fixed a small bug in the Recovery System
    Version 9.0 2022.03.05
    - Major changes in Atomic79's strategy by introducing my improved losing trade recovery algorithm. The previous hedging strategy has been removed to avoid long periods in which the situation does not resolve one side or the other.
    - Added new optimization options such as Progressive Step Multiplier or Schedule.
    - The new version opens trades in both directions.
    - A multi-temporal trend strategy has been added to the reversal strategy, and micro-reversals have been encouraged.
    - Added a new feature where new trades are not opened if the Expert Advisor goes out of range
    - 4 sets are provided for Gold and one for Forex (the latter for educational purposes, do not use it
    - It is very important that you use this new version in brokers with a spread less than 35
    Version 8.0 2022.02.02
    1. Removed External Indicator, which was freezing some terminals due to processing load.
    Now the calculations are done inside the EA
    Does not interfere with VPSs
    Better computing performance and efficiency
    2. The closing of individual operations has been encouraged, so that the closings are quick
    Avoid exposing yourself to changing the course of a winning trade
    3. The option to adjust TP and SL based on the Account Balance is TEMPORARILY removed
    It will be added again in the next version
    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
    4. 5 new conditions have been introduced to close trades and cycles
    One-way closings, partial offsetting of winning trades with losing ones
    individual closures
    coverage closures
    Total global closures
    Closing winning positions with 1 and 2 more losers
    5. Added new opening conditions based on Hegde with Adjustable Fixed Lotage
    6. Added fxstreet news filter and partially removed Metaquotes filter (worst data)
    Remember to add the link to the list of allowed URLs
    7. Improved the grid: more adaptive and much less aggressive (default configuration)
    8. The panel layout has been changed so that it does not visually interfere with open trades
    Added new information regarding new features in this version
    Remember to disable graphic objects to do backtests or optimizations
    9. Except for the news filter that disables the EA after the news for 90 minutes, backtests and optimizations can now be done
    With similar results.
    10. Exception areas have been removed, which no longer make sense in the new strategy.
    11. Lower Balance Demand (Based on Back Testing)
    Consider opening a cents account if you have problems with your capital