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Nexus EA Forex MT5
Enrique Enguix
4.5 (12)
Why do most EAs fail? Many Expert Advisors rely on temporary statistical advantages that disappear when the market changes, which happens continuously. The problem of over-optimization Moreover, most developers fall into the trap of fine-tuning their EAs to achieve perfect results in the past, without realizing that this won't translate to future market performance. It is crucial to conduct tests that consider future scenarios. The importance of diversification It is crucial n
Center Specialized EA MT5
Enrique Enguix
4.96 (26)
Discover the Innovation of Center EA: Explore the capabilities of our latest creation, an enhanced version of the renowned Center, which has already been downloaded by nearly 100,000 people in its MT4 and MT5 versions. This expert advisor has been meticulously designed to detect trends or their absence with unparalleled accuracy, thanks to a deep analysis of the different market phases. Highlighting Its Unique Features: The evolution of Center introduces a revolutionary market entry strategy,
Zenith MT5
Enrique Enguix
5 (4)
Zenith: The Pinnacle of Algorithmic Trading We are pleased to introduce Zenith , an Expert Advisor (EA) that marks a before and after in the world of algorithmic trading. Zenith is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Trendex and Q-Research, a leading data mining firm. This partnership has enabled the combination of the best of both worlds: Trendex's expertise in quantitative trading and Q-Research's massive data analysis capability. A Fusion of Excellence and Technology Zenith
Center EA MT5
Enrique Enguix
4.6 (48)
Experience the power of Center EA and dominate the Forex market! Price action-based trading with in-depth analysis of market movement. Center stands out for its trend characteristics. How not to lose your money (2 minute audio in English) ️ NEW MQL5 GROUP:   https://www.mql5.com/en/messages/01c72081307dda01 Instant Download: Join over 30,000 people who have already taken advantage of this opportunity and download Center EA instantly. Proven Profitability: Up to 80% of trades can be succes
Atomic79 MT5 EA
Enrique Enguix
4.5 (8)
Discover the power of Atomic79 in gold trading! Imagine having invested in a gold bar two years ago for $1850. You would experience market ups and downs: a drop to $1630 in six months, followed by a slow recovery to its original value by January 2023. But the real victory would come in November 2023, when its price would rise to $2400, generating a profit of $550 in 24 months. What would Atomic79 have done in the meantime? Take advantage of upward and downward movements, entering and exiting