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Asian Timezone Scalper

This EA is based on the Asian timezone scalping strategy. During the Asian timezone, you can consistently make 5-15 pips by scalping the EURGBP pair at certain levels. The EA is designed with high flexibility. The product is very stable opening one position at a time during the Asian session and closing a position before the end of the session thereby limiting drawdown and potential losses. This EA only works on EURGBP M5 timeframe on as low as $100. Contact me for the most efficient settings for your account type.

Remember to use a good 4 or 5-digit broker. The EA works with as low as $100 on micro accounts.

12 years backtest with $100 is displayed in the screenshots. You can test for a longer period with 2-pip spread.

The price goes up after January 21st.

The EA has easy to understand parameters.


The product is set for 5-digit brokers by default.

To turn on turbo, set money management to true.

For 5-digit brokers:

  • TP: 50
  • SL: 190
  • Min Lot: 0.01
  • Lot: 0.01

For 4-digit brokers:

  • TP: 5
  • SL: 19
  • Lot: 0.1
  • Min Lot: 0.1
Audrey Versace
2016.04.23 01:11 

Juste moyen..

Valtr Kolban
2015.06.19 13:06 

I bought this EA a couple weeks ago. It is quite sensitive to fundamental situation. If I buy some EA in that price I expect better resistance against news especially when its trading in asian time (at night). I'm not particularly excited. Although communication with the seller is not bad, but it is not within the trading essentials. I have tested EA on demo account and I did not dare go to live acc. (I will change review after some good update too)

edit 2015.6.19. - after new update the EA still totally losing. I really recommend you to look for something else.

edit immediately - after this edit seller changed price from 200 to 100.. He knows why...

Good luck.

Mujeeb Abdul
2015.06.03 17:56 

Wow it working great now new version its time to add zero at the end of price


2015.05.11 13:56 

I'm sure you can do it well.

2015.04.21 14:45 

Now after two months of live testing, +/- 0% and that just because one of othe EA help tu push depo up.... i cant recommend this EA for now,

no optimization for this EA from seller, using this EA with default setting is not working!

Poor EA, Not recommended.

2015.02.26 21:42   

Bought this a couple of days ago so it's early days but EA is doing well so far. Customer service and help in installation etc from seller has been superb. I am new to forex so the support provided has been invaluable.

2015.02.13 22:10 

well, as i mentioned before, these kind of scalpers with negative reward to risk ratio will tank your trading account in negative zone sooner or later, i'm glad i didn't use this on my live account....

Quadri Dosumu
2015.02.13 20:08 

Poor EA, Not recommended.

2015.02.05 23:25   

I recently purchased and I'm 6 wins no loss.

koenraad V
2015.01.29 12:59 

Just bought the EA, last five trades were in profit, so far it looks very well

Zack van Zyl
2015.01.25 03:01 

Amazing EA. Paid for itself in the first trade it took. The Developer should be selling this EA for $1000+...has the potential to make a lot of money...

Paulus Nangoy
2015.01.16 12:38 

Excellent support from the seller .. purchased two days ago and two trades ended in profit .. looking forward for more profitable trades in the future ..

stefano torredimare
2015.01.15 20:53 

bought yesterday .. and first trade good .. expect in the future. Seller very kind and responds fast .. stars for good service ..great expert buy it works fine

Raphael Minato
2015.01.13 12:53 

After 15 days of testing, more than 20% profit already! Great EA with lots of optimization possibilities!

Version 1.60 - 2015.04.10
Multiplier is now much more stable
EA profitability is likely to be restored with this new update
Version 1.50 - 2015.03.02
Added LotsIncrement function to losing streaks
Version 1.40 - 2015.02.16
I have reduced risk reward ratio from 4:1 to 3:1 by moving SL from 19 to 15.
I have also added new trailing stop and trailing profit options that will allow you to set TP higher than 5.
Parameters for new TP and SL options will be posted in the Сomments tab but for now use EA with new 15 pips stop loss.
Version 1.30 - 2015.01.20
This version has Friday Trading Option. For those who do not want trades open over the weekend, they can set FridayTrade to false.
Version 1.20 - 2015.01.16
I added a spread filter function that ensures more stable profits, lesser trade cost and unnecessary losses due to spread fluctuation.