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Muholov RebateCollector

Muholov RebateCollector is an Expert Advisor for collecting rebates.

  • Multicurrency EA.
  • The trades are opened when the price crosses the calculated support/resistance levels.
  • The EA simultaneously analyzes and trades 276 symbols. Traders do not have to choose.
  • All opened deals have the volume of 0.01 lots.
  • The indicator is installed on a single chart. The chart's symbol is not important.
  • No stops.
  • No trailing profit.
  • Trades are closed in series at the EA's discretion. Profit value is set by a trader.
  • The risk is limited by stop_level parameter (the parameter value is a level, below which new trades are not opened).
  • I recommend using the leverage not exceeding 1:100.

 Brief guide on how to prepare for trading:

  1. Tools - Options - Charts tab. Set 5 000 in both "Max bars in history" and "Max bars in chart" drop-down lists. A bigger value will consume too much PC memory. We have 276 trade symbols.
  2. Re-launch the platform (disable and enable it again).
  3. Open Market Watch window and show all symbols.
  4. Launch the EA on any symbol's chart. Temporarily uncheck "Allow live trading" option in the EA settings. AutoTrading button is enabled. The EA can work but is not allowed to trade.
  5. Wait for the completion of the initial download of quotes. All processes have their visual indications. You can track them using comments in the upper left part of the chart.
  6. Re-launch the terminal after the quotes are downloaded.
  7. Check "Allow live trading" in the EA settings. Change the value of popitki external parameter to one to accelerate preparations for trading.
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Version 4.1 2015.06.02
- Considerably revised and optimized the open deal tracking mechanism
- Added trend following and protection against wrong entries
- Minor graphical changes... comments, etc.
Version 3.0 2015.02.19
- Significantly improved the market entry accuracy
- Added locks to reduce trading risks
- Thoroughly revised order analysis and placing mechanism