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This is an EA based on the martingale double down strategy. It is Martingale EA that offers the best qualities. It is programmed with three different entry and exit techniques. The first one follows trend taking 20 pips of profit on every trade, while the second one manages risk by hedging or doubling down on losing trades, and the third is meant to help the EA recover from any major loss. The third has a take profit between 30 and 50 depending on the strength of the signal. It bases its entry on moving average trend following technique. It handles high impact news releases well but not major changes in trend.

It is important for user to close losing trades manually when the drawdown becomes unacceptable as a result of the martingale technique, or a user can stop the EA after every 100% gain, withdraw profit and restart the EA after a day or two.

This EA works on EURUSD and GBPUSD. It is a lot more stable with $10 000 deposits or $100 dollar cent accounts. By default, it is set to trading 0.01 lots, and I would recommend performing backtests with all amounts and implement the one you are comfortable with. Besides that, it can also can be run on one $1 000, $10 000, or a cent account with default settings on both pairs at once. It is mostly meant to aid manual traders and increase their profitability.

The golden rule here is to always withdraw every 100% of profit.

The backtest was conducted with two settings: Default and Aggressive.

Users can switch between Aggressive and Default settings to increase profitability of trading, but Default is highly recommended.

This EA is more suitable and safer for beginners than my Pro Hedger.

The Default is for $1 000 accounts, and Aggressive is for $10 000. For sets custom to your account size, leave a comment or contact me personally.

The EA price will be increased after 10 copies are sold, SO BUY NOW!

Tobias Grosse
Tobias Grosse 2015.10.24 10:38 

Good EA, but high risk (averager). It opens trades in the direction of the supposed main trend. A change of that trend can be a problem, that is why I suggest you trade only the pairs mentioned below and small lot size. Also the TurboMode will kill the account, sooner or later.


Switch off the TurboMode!

Use risk 0.01 lot per 10,000 USD.

Trade only AUDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDCAD, NZDUSD (pair ratio smaller than 1).

Update 2015-10-24: I made 600€ within 2 months with 0.01lot (all three strategies) on audusd only. DD about 2000€!

Stacey B.
Stacey B. 2015.06.17 21:34 

March 2015: Really good product. (5 stars rate)

June 2015: Drawdown is too huge recently. Small deposits are in danger. And I'm not already sure about mid range deposits as well. Optimization is needed.

mhussein 2015.03.10 23:13 


jppearson84 Pearson
jppearson84 Pearson 2015.02.24 22:53   

I have tried contacting you about this EA. I purchased this and you have not provided me with any support.

Please can you send me a message with the settings please.

many thanks

jrc74 2015.02.17 10:53 


the EA from BAcktest is good, bt in real dont understand how must operate...Need detaied informations/steps to operate in the best way, in my opinion! with picture, photos, screenshots...The support its not quite good!its the reason for the three stars...

Thank you

af1 2015.01.16 21:05 

Good EA and excellent support by developer. Very prompt and helpful responses.

Version 1.20 2015.01.23
I have added a lot counting function that restricts the number of buys and sells. However, according to the EA algorithm, when only sell trades are opened and they reach maximum, no buys will be opened, so be mindful of this concept.