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Pro Hedger

This hedging EA is meant for medium risk trading with consistent return. It is a grid trading system based on hedging and is fully automated requiring little monitoring. It is fully optimized for use on EURUSD H1, $500 balance at 1:500 leverage. It is also advisable to trade this EA with balance in multiples of 5, 500, 5 000 and 50 000.

If you have $50 then use it on a cent account. In addition to EURUSD trading, it can also be used on any currency pair, but a user must first optimize parameter before use. The parameters are as follows:

  • ForceClose: Used to close all open positions
  • Trading Time: Time for the EA to find Signals
  • OPFriday: Make it work on Fridays
  • TakeProfit
  • StopLoss
  • HedgingDistance
  • Lot sizes for hedging

SecureOP is a function built to protect your profits and your equity. The value of 25 makes sure that if a position gets beyond 25 pips gain and starts to reverse, the 25 pips will be closed and profit secured. Debug feature is the built-in error checking mechanism, just a precaution.

Like a Grid, you choose the order type to start with: buy/sell. This decision affects the entire EA operation.

The golden rule of this EA is to withdraw every $100 profit from a $500 account, and restart the EA after withdrawal. The EA is coded not to lose up to 50% of any account.

Set files for other pairs will be added in Comments tab.

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