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Double Shot EXPERT

An EA with a double martingale grid ensuring safe trading. If one grid is losing money, the second one mitigates the drawdown. Although this EA trades by the signals from a built-in indicator, which carefully explores the market, manual trading is also possible and the direction of the trade can be set manually too. It is preferable to trade by the trend. If the trend gets reversed, the EA will adjust the deal. With this capability this EA will become a friend and reliable partner to you. Before you purchase it, try the demo version out and make sure that this EA suits you. Please avoid setting up high risks as consequences, as you know, may be upsetting.

The price of the EA will be going up as the sales increase.

Expert Advisor Setup:

MONEY MANAGEMENT: // Money management

MM = 500; // Specify the value to 0,01 of the lot. For instance, if you put down 100, then for every 100 dollars the EA will use 0,01 of the lot, etc... If the value is 0, then money management is not going to work.

MAIN SETUP: // EA's main settings

Lot = 0.01; // If ММ = 0, then this is the value of the initial lot.

K_Lot = 1.6 // Multiplier of the following lot. Please do not set high risks! Go for the ones optimal for you.

Take_Profit = 10; // Take Profit in points. For the fifth decimal place, the EA converts all points automatically and there is no need to add 0.

Step = 50; // Step between the orders in the grids. For the fifth decimal place, the points will be adjusted automatically. 50 = 500.

info = true; // If the information on the screen distracts you, you can disable it here.

NewBar = false; // Shall the grid be placed only for a new bar appearance or irrespectively? If true, then the drawdown can be mitigated, though it is not always the case. It largely depends on the situation on the market.

MAGIC = 123; // Magic number for work on different pairs at the same time.

MANUAL TRADING: // Manual control.

MT = false; // Enable / disable manual control and change for an automatic trading by the built-in indicator.

BUY = true; // If manual control is enabled, then set true - trade up / false - trade down.


StopTrading = false; // Finish trading upon the closure of the current order series. This option is useful when you want to stop trading and withdraw the generated profit. Activate this option and the EA will stop working after trades of the series get closed. The work will resume when this option is deactivated. 

PLEASE NOTE! Before buying a robot, try out the demo version first. Buy only if you are completely satisfied with the work of the EA. I would like to thank everyone who bought this EA and I wish you happy trading.

Dimzik888 2015.08.12 21:59 

рано или поздно это слив депозита

Felipe Ponce Aragon
Felipe Ponce Aragon 2015.05.28 16:55   

I got a margin call on a $970 account trading only one pair with initial 0.01 lot size. If it doesn't make a profit, it Martingales in the same direction of the first trade open. If Price moves against you a certain number of pips, losses grow exponentially. Not so safe after all.

Charles Uzodinma
Charles Uzodinma 2015.05.04 16:32 

Works well, but try to avoid moves from 200-500 pips, good for commissions. Like every tool, it works best based on your application.

Version 2.0 2015.02.05
This version works with brokers with 4 digits after the decimal point and brokers with 5 digits after the decimal point.