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Quality News Trade

News trading Expert Advisor. Fully automated trading, no pending orders. The EA places market order at sudden price changes. If no Take Profit and Stop Loss are set for orders, the EA will process these levels according to preset labels. Reverse mode is possible for price reversal.

The EA operation start time is that:

  1. specified at http://investing.com;
  2. or in the input string.

Before important news releases, the broker always increases the stoplevel — SL, TP and pending orders cannot be placed closer than this level. The task of correct handling of a reversal or a sharp price change is solved by the price labels (the EA places them at preset Stop Loss and Take Profit levels after opening an order). When the label price level is reached, the order is forcedly closed by the EA. (If necessary, these labels can be selected by a mouse and moved manually.) Trailing stop in the EA also moves the label, so Stop Loss can virtually be at any distance from the price, increasing profits in case of a sharp reversal.

To download information from the site, change the settings of the terminal. Open menu Tools->Options->Expert Advisors. Checkbox the option "Allow WebRequest for the following URL" and specify the address http://ru.investing.com/economic-calendar/

Input Parameters

  • Trade = true — trade is allowed, false — trade is prohibited;
  • Lots = 0.1 — order lot; if 0, the lot will be calculated based on Proc_Lot;
  • Proc_Lot = 10 — percent of balance or available funds for lot calculation;
  • Risk_from_Balance = true — percent of balance, false — percent of available funds;
  • Interval_Time_start = 60 — time interval to wait for price change (in seconds);
  • Pips_start = 5 — an interval to start, change (in points) from the start price to open a Buy or Sell order;
  • Max_amount_knee = 2 (>=1) the number of reversals;
  • clr_HLine_Start = clrBlue — the color of the horizontal start line;
  • clr_HLine_Buy = clrGreen — the color of the horizontal line where Buy will be opened;
  • clr_HLine_Sell = clrOrange — the color of the horizontal line, where Sell will be opened;
  • clr_VLine_Start = clrGreen — vertical line color (start time);
  • TP = 100 — Take Profit;
  • SL = 15 — Stop Loss;
  • clr_label_TP = clrGreen — color of a Take Profit label;
  • clr_label_SL = clrRed — color of a Stop Loss label;
  • set_TP = true — set Take Profits on the label, false — do not set;
  • set_SL = true — set Stop Losses on the label, false — do not set;
  • Magic = 1231234 — magic number;
  • Slippage = 5 — slippage size;
  • color_Inf1 = clrBlue — the first text color on the data output field;
  • color_Inf2 = clrMagent — the second text color on the data output field;
  • Trail_Stop = 10 — trailing stop of the order (in points) (0 — off);
  • Step_TS = 1 — step of the trailing stop (in points);
  • level_BE_TS = 2 — breakeven level (in points), which is added to the order price when placing a trailing stop;
  • Start_on_String = true — the start time is taken from the Time_Terminal_Start string, false — from the website investing.com;
  • Time_Terminal_Start = "2014.12.1 9:55, 2014.12.1 16:00, 2014.12.2 16:30" — start time string;
  • Symbol_1 = EUR — if working with the website, the first currency symbol which which the EA will start;
  • Symbol_2 = USD — if working with the website, the second currency symbol which which the EA will start;
  • Symbol_3 = GBP — if working with the website, the third currency symbol which which the EA will start;
  • shift_times = 2 — time shift in hours between the Moscow time (website time) and the terminal time;
  • time_msk_terminal = 2 the difference in hours between the Moscow time and the terminal time;
  • time_msk_local = 0 the difference in hours between the Moscow time and the terminal time;
  • clr_button = clrPaleGreen — the color of the "Update" button;
  • clr_text_button = clrBlack — color of the text inside the "Update" button;
  • Inf_RUS = true — information output in Russian, false — in English;
  • volatility = 2 — minimum volatility starting from which data is output in the table (1...3);
  • Shrift_table = 8 — font size in the table;
  • Max_string_table = 10 — maximum number of rows in the table;

An empty string can be set in Symbol_1,2,3. If in one of Symbol_1,2,3 you set *(asterisk), all symbols from the site (with theg specified volatility) will be show.

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Version 3.7 2015.02.17
The calendar code has changed at investing.com website. The appropriate changes to the EA has been implemented.
Version 3.3 2015.01.15
An option for selecting two types of trailing stop has been added in the new version. This is done through the external variable TS_minus. If it is set to true, trailing stop immediately follows the price (with the step equal to Step_TS), not waiting till the price exceeds the threshold set in Trail_Stop. If TS_minus=false, the previous trailing stop mode is used.

Also in the new version it is now possible to select external parameters of the EA in the Optimization mode of the tester.