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This is an Expert Advisor designed to automatically average out trading positions opened manually or by another EA. 



Order Selector Section:

These settings select the orders that will be averaged by the EA. With the default settings, the EA will average all orders for this currency pair.

  • BuySell (Buy/Sell/All): Buy – select only Buy orders; Sell – select only Sell orders; All – select Buy and Sell orders.
  • Ticket: Select only order with this ticket. If 0, not active.
  • Magic: Select only orders with this magic number. If 0, not active.

Grid parameters:

  • GridStepPips: grid step (in 4-digit pips).
  • TakeProfitType (FixedTakeProfit/DistanceFromBE): select how the take-profit is calculated. FixedTakeProfit – take-profit is calculated from the last order (order with the best price); DistanceFromBE – take-profit is calculated from the breakeven level.
  • TakeProfitPips: take-profit value (in 4-digit pips).
  • LotMult: lot multiplication factor.
  • MaxGridLevel: maximal number of grid orders.
  • SetTPAtOnce (TRUE/FALSE):  If TRUE, EA will set the common take-profit to all orders at once; if FALSE, EA will set the common take-profit when the first pending order is triggered.

Lock parameters:

These settings activate the Lock feature of the EA: if the maximal number of grid levels is opened and the price moves another LockDistPips pt against the basket, EA opens the locking order that makes the whole position neutral and removes all take-profits. After that, EA does nothing.

  • UseLock (TRUE/FALSE): Enable the lock feature.
  • LockDistPips: locking distance (in 4-digit pips).

MaxDD parameters:

This feature closes all open orders if the maximal drawdown is reached.

  • MaxDD:  Maximal open drawdown allowed, in units of the base currency. If the open drawdown of the open orders exceeds MaxDD, all market orders are closed immediately, all pending orders are deleted, and trading is stopped. If  MaxDD is set to 0, this option is disabled.
  • MaxDDPerCent: The same as MaxDD, but in percents of the account balance. E.g., if MaxDDPerCent =30, the trading will be stopped when the drawdown exceeds 30% of your account balance. If MaxDDPerCent is set to 0, this option is disabled.

Misc parameters:

  • MagicEA: magic number of averaging orders.
  • MagicLock: magic number of the locking order.
  • comment_color: color of the text in the information box.
  • box_color: background color of the information box.
  • colBE: color of the breakeven line.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 15:13 

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Viktor Koroveshi
Viktor Koroveshi 2018.03.27 00:46 

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Shiva3223 2017.12.29 14:22 

It is more than one year that I am using it quite regularly. I am very happy of it. Only once it started creating the same order over and over. But it happened only once. It is simple, useful and clear. Thanks Dmitri.

Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.25 10:14 

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Eleni Anna Branou
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.02.16 12:59 


Ovidiu Caslariu
Ovidiu Caslariu 2016.03.11 20:06 

Helpful EA.

Eugen Mischenko
Eugen Mischenko 2016.02.26 17:19 

if you want to lose your money, use it.

если хотите слить депозит, то установите этот советник. цена идет вниз, а советник кидает ордера на покупку, цена идет дальше вниз, советник продолжает кидать ордера на покупку с повышенным лотом, если депозит не велик выбьет по марже. А если цена не вернется то вы делаете неплохой убыток.

inet200 2015.03.17 04:32 

Very useful and well made expert advisor. Thank You!

Denis Mikhailov
Denis Mikhailov 2015.01.28 12:09 

Отличный советник! Особенно порадовало наличие лока.

Dmitry Verza
Dmitry Verza 2014.12.12 08:18 

Супер советник! Прощайте убыточные сделки, поставил усреднитель на впс, если цена пошла не в мою сторону - активировал AgoAverager, выключил комп, пошел по своим делам, через 4 часа, сделки закрыты +5.4% к депо. И вам советую :)

Version 2.4 2015.03.03
New in ver. 2.4:
1. A bug of non-deleting the lock pending orders is fixed.
2. When both long and short orders are present, the EA now asks to specify the direction of averaging (BuySell = Buy or Sell).