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Raise EA

Raise EA is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.

Timeframe: H1

Currency pair: EURUSD

The Trade Logic

The EA uses data from several indicators, finds and patterns of opens pending Stop orders in the direction of the probable movement. When a new signal is received, the old order is closed and a new one is opened. All orders have stop loss and take profit levels and trailing stops. Also orders are closed when a signal to close is received.

Martingale, averaging, hedging, arbitrage and other are not used.

Monitoring in signals: www.mql5.com/en/signals/70840

Settings and Parameters

  • Lots—fixed lot used for trading;
  • AutoLots—defines the use of automatic money management system (true = is used, false = is not used);
  • AutoLotsRisk—risk in percentage of the initial deposit. It is used as a base for calculating a lot for every deal if AutoLots is used;
  • Decimals—the number of decimal places to round up the lot size;
  • MaxLots—maximum size of the lot (also valid for Lots). The Expert Advisor will not exceed it;
  • TradeComment—trade comment;
  • MagicNumber—a unique number.

The Expert Advisor will be optimized and updated in future.

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