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  • Lot - trading volume
  • Increase lot by - the value the lot is to be increased by
  • Max lot - maximum possible lot
  • Total lots - total lots in trading
  • Total orders - total orders in trading
  • TP point - TP in points
  • TP dollars - TP in dollars (virtual)
  • TP dollars for series - TP in dollars for order series (virtual)
  • TP dollars all symbols - TP in dollars for all symbols (virtual)
  • SL point - SL in points
  • SL dollars - SL in dollars (virtual)
  • SL dollars for series - SL in dollars for order series (virtual)
  • SL dollars all symbols - SL in dollars for all symbols (virtual)
  • SL breakeven - moving SL to breakeven after the specified number of points


The robot is based on the fully adaptive mathematical model of assessing the market situation. It means that the robot makes decisions and re-configures on its own based on the current realities. Therefore, the robot has no settings except for lots and stops.

The applied model is not clearly a trend or a flat one. However, the flat component prevails. Thus, the robot is not recommended for use with stocks or stock CFDs, as well as other similar instruments having long trendy periods without rollbacks. The EA has mostly been designed for trading currency.

The robot does not consider volatility and other currency rate parameters. Therefore, trading volatile instruments (gold, silver and yen in all pairs) is not recommended as well.

The robot has initially been designed for trading EURUSD H1. You can use a bigger or a smaller period, however, that is not recommended. The robot opens two trades per week on the average. Considering the mentioned limitations, the product can be used with other currencies. It is recommended that you use either EURUSD or EURUSD+majors and popular crosses. Almost all my clients and I apply the robot to the following pairs (AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCGF, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD and USDCHF). These pairs have also been used when testing the product for 2013 and 2014 for more clarity.

By default, all stops in the trading robot are set to 0. This is my trading style since I prefer to manage risks using volumes, not stop orders. If you apply stops, then I recommend that you use a total stop for all positions and symbols instead of separate stops for each pair. Such a stop is called SL dollars all symbols and TP dollars all symbols in the settings.

You may interfere with the robot's operation, as well as close and modify its trades.

The robot is not a scalper or a grider. It works well with any brokers and spreads. Martingale is not used. However, the robot slightly increases the volume (the feature can be disabled).

The attached test results display the robot's capabilities. The product is not a Grail with the profit of 100% per month. It may have hard times but it still remains efficient with proper risk management. The test has been performed by Open prices, since the EA makes all decisions after a new candlestick appears. Therefore, testing by ticks does not change anything. However, when testing with stops or take profits, you should enable "Every tick" mode.

Also, it is highly recommended to download history before conducting tests and initial launch since configuring is performed by historical data.


All tests have been conducted with similar settings. No optimization, no history fitting. In all cases, the robot changes its parameters automatically (except stop levels and lots). Test results are almost identical to real ones. The difference is standard - slippages and VPS overloads at the wrong time. Also, I sometimes closed trades manually because of the high floating profit.

The results of the attached tests: 2013 - $7 822 of profit, 2014 - $8 096 of profit. All tests have been conducted with the initial deposit of $5 000 and a single trading lot of 0.1 with no stops and take profits, in other words, in the most extreme mode with increased risk.

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