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Expert Phoenix MT4

Phoenix - is an Expert Advisor for automated trading on all possible currencies and on any time frame. Most of strategies are based on use of one or another indicator or their combinations.

For example: buy signal for EURUSD on H1:

  1. If EMA (8) crosses SMA (26) from the bottom upwards
  2. and CCI (55) > 0
  3. and RSI (26) crosses level 48

But you have to monitor this strategy all the time to check its efficiency. But what if you have several such strategies but with different settings and for different currencies and time frames? Or you do not have time and chance to monitor the market? And what if this strategy was working only during testing within several months?

So you need a robot to test this strategy which will cope with such a routine work in a matter of seconds.


Name Values Description

Digits 4 or 5
ordersType 1-Only Buy
3-Buy and Sell
1-open only long positions
2-only short positions
3-long and short positions
recoveryType use Recovery Factor Next
Multi Recovery (1, 2, 3)
1-use only value of Recovery Next
2-use recovery factor according to a number of unprofitable trades.
use Recovery Next after 4 unprofitable trades in a row
Minimal Lots
Minimal lot
Lot = Balance / def.
If Lot is less than the minimal lot, we use Minimal Lots


Recovery Factor 1,2,3,Next from 1.00 and higher
MartinGeil ON
enable/disable Martingale
Common attributes

_period from 1 and higher Indicator period (for example: MA(10), RSI(17), CCI(14), MFI(12), ...)
set _period > 0 to enable the indicator
_method Simple, Exponential,
Smoothed, Linear-weighted
Averaging method:
1-Simple, 2-Exponential, 3-Smoothed, 4-Linear Weighted
_price Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted price:
1-closing, 2-opening, 3-maximum, 4-minimum, 5-median (high+low)/2
5-typical (high+low+close)/3, 6-weighted average (high+low+close+close)/4
_direction 1-Both Directions
2-By Trend
3-Opposite Trend
indicator direction:
1-any direction
2-indicator moves by trend
3-indicator movement is opposite to trend

MA1 and MA2 Indicators MA(period) buy if MA1 > MA2
sell if MA1 < MA2
RVI RVI(period) buy if RVI_percents_bottom < RVI(period) < RVI_percents_top
sell if -RVI_percents_bottom < RVI(period) < -RVI_percents_top
RVI_percents_bottom / top from -1.00 to +1.00 bottom / upper level
CCI CCI(period) similar to RVI
CCI_percents_bottom / top from -1500 to +1500 bottom / upper level
RSI RSI(period) buy if (100 - RSI_percents_range) < RSI(period) < RSI_percents_top
sell if (100 - RSI_percents_top) < RSI(period) < RSI_percents_range
RSI_percents_range from 1 to 100 For example, if range = 22:
buy level = 100 - 22 = 78%
sell level = 22%
RSI_percents_top from 1 to 100 For example, if top = 95
buy level = 95%
sell level = 100-95% = 5%
To enable set n_volume_1 > 0.
kof_volume_1 < avg(Volume1) / avg(Volume2) < kof_volume_2
n_volume_1, n_volume_2 from 1 and higher number of bars to get an average value
kof_volume_1, kof_volume_2 from -2.0 to +2.0 bottom and upper range of average values
MFI MFI(period) similar to RSI
Bulls and Bears
To enable set Bulls_period > 0 or Bears_period > 0.
buy if Bulls+Bears < BullsBears_percents
sell if Bulls+Bears > BullsBears_percents
BullsBears_percents from -300 to +300
Awesome Oscillator
similar to Volumes
similar to RSI

similar to RSI

The EA Usage

Use several currency pairs with different magic numbers on one account.

Martingale works for each particular pair, not for the whole account.

Testing the Expert Advisor

Use a pattern to test the robot: Open prices only (fastest method to analyze the bar just completed, only for EAs that explicitly control bar opening)

Disable (uncheck the box) Genetic Algorithm

Default settings are for EURUSD H4.

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