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The idea for developing this indicator is based on the search for a temporary flat in the market

In my subjective opinion, this is the market state when the bulls and bears have come to a common agreement and the price is temporarily at rest.

The indicator is based on a simple solution: when Moving Average crosses the bodies of three candlesticks.

For more convenience and versatility, the regularities on higher timeframes are also analyzed, to make use of the same events on smaller timeframes for scalping based strategies.

The following settings are available:

  1. The timeframe, from which you want to observe the event.
  2. Moving Average Period.
  3. Moving Average calculation type.
  4. The colors of the two patterns, because the intersection could begin with a bullish candlestick and end with a bullish one, or start with a bearish candlestick and end with a bearish one.
  5. The width of rectangle lines.
  6. Disabling fill.
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