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Screenshot of Orders MT4

Sometimes, it is unclear under what conditions an order is opened or closed by an EA. Screenshot of Orders utility deals with such cases.

Screenshot of Orders creates chart screenshots at the moment a market order is opened or closed. All indicators and graphical constructions applied to the chart are preserved. This is done in the background mode.


  • Chart scale - chart scale. Possible values:
    1. Current - current chart scale,
    2. Very small - very small scale,
    3. Small - small scale,
    4. Normal - normal scale,
    5. Large - large scale;
  • Chart mode - display mode. Possible values:
    1. Current - current view,
    2. Bar Chart - bar sequence,
    3. Candlesticks - Japanese candlesticks,
    4. Line Chart - line by Close prices;
  • Frame width - screenshot width;
  • Frame height - screenshot height;
  • Folder name - name of the folder created screenshots are saved in;
  • Screenshot pending orders - make screenshots of pending orders;
  • Screenshot order modification - make screenshots of market and pending order modifications - placing/changing a stop loss, a take profit.

The utility makes screenshots of only the chart symbol and timeframe it is applied to.

Screenshots of one order are saved in a single file. When the order is modified/closed, a screenshot of that event is saved to the file end (see the video).

Note: Screenshots are saved in an extended GIF89a format. The built-in Windows Photo Viewer does not fully support this format, therefore it is recommended using any web browser or other programs supporting GIF89a.

Real trading screenshots are saved to the terminal_folder\MQL5\Files\"Folder name", where the following subfolders are created:

  • Financial instrument name;

Screenshots made in the strategy tester are saved to the terminal_folder\MQL5\tester\files\"Folder name", where the following subfolders are created:

  • Financial instrument name;
  • Test at "test time".
The demo version makes screenshots of only the first five orders when launched in the strategy tester.
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Version 2.0 2016.11.02
ScreenShot of Orders v2.0 (2016.10.27)
- Added: Now the utility performs the screenshots in the strategy tester;
- Changed: New algorithm for creating screenshots - all screenshots of the same order are now stored in a single file;
- Changed: path to saved screenshots' folder;
- Changed: Removed some settings.