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GagarinEA MT5

GagarinEA MT5 is the latest Expert Advisor using a grid of pending orders. It is optimized for use with EURUSD, and can be used with other pairs with properly selected inputs.

Input Parameters

  • _point—the distance in points between pending orders;
  • _ords—the number of pending orders;
  • _Lag—the distance in points between the median of current prices collected in the array and the market price;
  • TP—the take profit value in points;
  • SL—the stop loss value in points;
  • TStop—level for closing positions;
  • MAGICMA—Expert Advisor's magic number;
  • UseRisk—lot size mode for positions and pending orders (true—trading percent of deposit, false—trading minimum lot);
  • DecreaseFactor—decrease deposit load after losing deals;
  • RiskPercent—percent of equity for opening new positions;
  • s_minLot—the minimum lot for a selected broker and symbol;
  • s_maxLot—maximum lot;
  • s_stepLot—lot step;
  • _size—the size of the array, in which the prices of the previous ticks are stored (used to calculate the median price);
  • TimeM—trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE—trading end time for the Expert Advisor.
  • monday—trading on Monday (true—trading on Monday is allowed, false—trading on Monday is disabled).
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Version 3.1 2016.06.23
The EA has been reconfigured for use in the 'hedging mode' of the terminal;
Updated some functions of the trading algorithm;
Fixed minor errors.