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The EnvMACD H1 Expert Advisor trades by signals of the Envelopes and MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) indicators.

Trading volume applied for opening positions depends on values of Risk_Money_SL or Risk_Percent_Balans_SL, SL_Points. To set a fixed lot for the first position adjust following parameters: Risk_Money_SL and SL_Points. At that you need to set Risk_Percent_Balans_SL=0.

The EA should be optimized, attached to a chart and allowed to perform automated trading. The EA trades any symbol on H1 only. Number of decimal places is determined automatically.


  • Magic Uses 2 - magic number assigned to the first trade.
The EA reserves 2 magic numbers. If magic number is 1, do not use the next number for this pair in the terminal, but start from 3 etc.;
  • Spred Max - maximum spread, the EA trades if the current spread is less than Spred Max;
  • Risk Money SL - money you are ready to lose if stop loss triggers. The risk is calculated as a maximum value between Risk_money_SL and Risk_Percent_Balans_SL;
  • Risk Percent Balans SL - risk percentage as the deposit balance. The risk is calculated as the maximum value between Risk_money_SL and Risk_Percent_Balans_SL, used to calculate an auto lot. If Risk_Percent_Balans_SL=0, the auto lot is disabled;
  • Profit Percent Risk - percentage of desired profit when closing positions calculated from Risk_money_SL or Risk_Percent_Balans_SL;
  • EMA Fast Period - Fast EMA period of MACD;
  • EMA Slow Period - Slow EMA period of MACD;
  • Period MACD SMA - period of smoothing moving average calculated from difference between Slow EMA and Fast EMA;
  • Period Env - Envelopes period;
  • Deviat Env - Envelopes deviation;
  • BE Points - modifies stop loss to breakeven, points;
  • TS Points - trailing stop, points;
  • SL Points - stop loss in points, ifSL_Points=0, stop loss is set by parameters of Envelopes;
  • Env Strategy Rebound - activates rebound trading strategy by Env;
  • Env Strategy Breakdown - activates breakdown trading strategy by Env;
  • MACD Strategy M trend - activates trend trading strategy by MACD on 5 bars;
  • MACD Strategy M reverse - activates reverse trading strategy by MACD on 5 bars;
  • Percent noise trend or reverse - noise percentage of trend and reversal signals;
  • MACD Strategy M relative 0 - activates Main trading strategy towards "0" by MACD;
  • MACD Strategy M relative S - activates Main trading strategy towards "Signal" by MACD;
  • Independent Trade - enable and disable the mode of simultaneous independent trading for Buy and Sell. If set to true, simultaneous independent trading for Buy and Sell are performed;
  • Close Position Reverse - closes positions regardless profit when a trend change signal appears;
  • Trade Opening Prices - enable and disable trading by open prices. If set to false, the EA trades on every tick.
You need to determine a trading product, time frame and parameters by yourself to ensure correct operation of the EA!
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 14:45 

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Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.23 18:30 

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Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.08.23 13:53 

I do a backtest with good results, I will do a test on the demo account for the next few months.

Gennadiy Voltornist
Gennadiy Voltornist 2017.03.04 18:40 

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Eleni Anna Branou
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.02.11 19:10 

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Ovidiu Caslariu
Ovidiu Caslariu 2016.02.17 22:12 

Need patience for results.

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.12.08 02:25 

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Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2015.10.07 16:57 

Neatly crafted. Good for traders who are patient. Good job to the author

garman1987 2015.05.08 16:28 

Per essere un EA gratuito va veramente bene.. a patto di non voler strafare ed accontentarsi di poche decine di trades eseguiti ogni anno. Con 1000 dollari, da luglio 2013 all' 1 maggio 2015 su EURUSD , con min_lot = 0,6 e le altre impostazioni di default ho un profit di 4531 dollari (453% growth) .. 220% annuo medio, e max drawdown 51% ! Provare per credere.. certo, i backtest non sono mai precisi e comunque testando su altri periodi a volte si brucia il conto.. ma si parla anche di 0.6 lotti con conto da 1000.. spintissimo

Alexander Ayusheev
Alexander Ayusheev 2015.05.01 06:04 

зачетный советник

Version 1.2 2015.08.19
1) Added trading sinal function "Breakdown OR Rebound " if:
-EnvBB_Strategy_Breakdown = true;
-EnvBB_Strategy_Rebound = true.
2) Added trading sinal function "Trend OR Reverse " if:
-MACD_Strategy_M_trend = true;
-MACD_Strategy_M_reverse = true.
Version 1.1 2015.08.04
-Changed description;
-Added new functions.
See comments to the product.