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Grid is a semi-automated grid strategy based Expert Advisor. This EA can be used as an addition to your trading strategy, if you trade manually, as well as it as a regular grid Expert Advisor. Previous experience of grid strategy based trading showed that fully automated grid EAs cannot make stable profit in the long run, since they do not account for the likelihood of a several hundred point' movement without rollback, which subsequently leads to loss of deposit.

The important difference of the Grid EA is that you decide when and how the EA should trade. You only need to make the necessary adjustments and give the EA a command to start trading in the right direction. To understand how this EA works and how you can benefit from its everyday use, download the demo version and test it in your trading terminal.

Expert Advisor Testing

Attention! The Expert Advisor does not start trading on its own. To start the EA you need to specify the trade direction by pressing the appropriate button on the chart. To do this, select the trading interval (testing start and end date) in the strategy tester, mode "Every tick" and tick "Visual mode". After the start of the testing process an info panel will appear with two buttons to start the EA operation. After the target is reached, the EA returns to the initial standby mode.


The EA can be applied both for semi-automated manual trading and fully automated operation. The fully automated mode is possible if you install an additional Expert Advisor that will produce buy or sell signals by opening appropriate trades. The EAs should be launched on one currency pair, but in different chart windows. To make Grid receive signals from the other EA, you need to specify the same magic number for both EAs, but in the signal EA add 000 at the end of the magic number. The magic number must not contain more than 6 digits. For example, if the magic number in the EA Grid is 123456, the specify 123456000 in the signal EA.


  • StopLoss – allow using stop loss;
  • StopLossMethod – enable closing orders by stop loss;
  • StopLossPoint – the value of the selected closure method;
  • MaxOrders - the maximum number of opened orders.
  • Step - initial step for the orders.
  • StepExponent - step multiplier for the subsequent orders.
  • LotExponent - lot multiplier.
  • Tprofit - target profit in points.
  • Trailing - number of points for trailing.
  • TrailingStep - Trailing step.
  • Breakeven - transfer positions to breakeven when the profit of n points is reached.
  • BreakevenStep - minimum profit in points to transfer to breakeven.
  • Lot - initial lot: if 0, then lot is calculated automatically.
  • Risk - risk as a percentage of the deposit, if initial lot = 0.
  • UseAutoDig - if quotes come with 3 or 5 decimal places, then false, otherwise true.
  • BuyCol - line color for the buy breakeven level.
  • SellCol - line color for the sell breakeven level.
  • Magic - Magic number.
  • Slippage - maximum price deviation.
  • NumTry - number of attempts to open an order.
  • Com - Comment to trades.
  • ShowInfo - show/hide details.
  • Gcol - the color of the text indicator.
  • Fcol - the color of the warning text indicator.
  • Size - font size.
  • Font - text style.
  • Cor - anchor corner of the information block.
  • X - distance along the X axis where the information block will be located.
  • Y - distance along the Y axis where the information block will be located.
edowatz 2017.02.01 20:23 

super tool ! thanks !

BlueDot 2016.03.06 19:37 

I love the idea.

I will update it

technow 2015.11.21 20:30 

Very good, has no stop button, but can be used one script to close all orders.

----- Update 21/11/2015 -----

Excelent update, it was what was needed for this tool!!!!!

Artep05 2015.03.19 13:18   

Good EA, but can you please add a "buy-automatically-re-start: false / true" and a "sell-automatically-re-start: false / true" button? That would be important, so I not having to sit in front of computer the whole time? And it is possible to use different lotsize, lotexponent and step-exponent for buy-grid and sell-grid?

jan salieb
jan salieb 2015.03.01 19:49   

very good ea but i wont the source cod pls cause i wont to modify something

Georgii Trukhin
Georgii Trukhin 2015.02.23 13:18 

облегчает работу на 90%... главное правильно настроить сеть и кидать по тренду и будет вам счастье)))

спасибо Владимир,отличная вещь!

Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov 2015.01.09 10:36 

Pretty helpful tool with lot of settings to adjust. Excellent for the price! Good support from the Author.

on-power 2014.11.25 15:42 

Помощник трейдеру для торговли берёт на себя работу следить за откатами и закрывать профит, снимает нагрузку следить за трендом у экрана ,запускаете помощника выставляете параметры объёма для торговли, расстояния для следующих ордеров, уровень профита на который вы рассчитываете работать, параметры тралла и обнуления, сохраняете сет своей настройки и берёте первый ордер прямо с рисунка кнопок BUY SELL на экране который рисует помощник , вот и всё торговля пошла и нет надобности караулить у экрана . Солидно, удобно, вы начальник он работник, вы решаете он работает . Отдельное спасибо разработчику !

Version 1.3 2016.05.13
Changed the stop loss parameters
StopLoss – allow using stop loss;
StopLossMethod – enable closing orders by stop loss;
StopLossPoint – the value of the selected closure method;
Version 1.2 2016.03.21
Fixed bug with checking for maximum number of orders.
Version 1.1 2015.10.26
New functions:
1. Closing profit of all orders with the current profit "BUY/SELL FIX PROFIT"
2. Closing all orders from the grid "CLOSE BUY/SELL"