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Las Vegas for GBPUSD H1

Dear friends, I am happy to present Las Vegas - a unique novelty on the market.

This Expert Advisor is designed only for trading GBPUSD on the H1 timeframe though in time, other currency pairs will be introduced in newer Experts.

The work of this EA is based on two elements: the theory of probability and analysis of the current situation on the market.

Before you come to any conclusions, I can reassure you that Martingale is not used here in spite of the theory of probability being inherent to the EA.

When the EA analyses the market and receives a signal, it also prioritizes the signal and after that sets a lot of a correspondent value.

The higher the priority, the higher the signal lot. The lot however does not directly depend on whether a trader made profit or suffered losses.

Therefore, the MaxRisk variable - intelligent system of lot calculation, was implemented in the EA.

1) If MaxRisk > 0, then a fixed lot is set. Example: MaxRisk=0,5 --> Fixed lot = 0,5... MaxRisk=0,01 --> Fixed lot = 0,01.

2) If MaxRisk < 0, then a lot will be calculated based on the balance of your account and the Expert will try to keep a maximum drawdown for the value of the variable. For instance:

MaxRisk = -30,.. Then a lot will be calculated based on the maximum drawdown, which is 30%! If MaxRisk = -70,.. Then maximum drawdown is 70%! 

3) If MaxRisk = 0, then a lot will be fixed however the signal priority will be taken into account. On average, a lot value will be equal to 0,1. Example: ...0,07... 0,14...

That way the user can define optimal risks and decide if their system is going to be slow or extremely fast.

I must warn you: For small accounts risks can be calculated incorrectly. For example, following the Expert's logic, a lot value should be 0,005 and the Expert will set it for 0,01, which is a minimum permissible value. The only thing that I recommend is to use this Expert on accounts with balance more than $1 000.

There is another important parameter ShiftTime. Do you know the time value when time gets "put on hold" in your terminal and when days off start? If this time is 23:59:59, then set the value for zero (0), and if it is 22:59:59 then there is a shift of minus one hour. Set the ShiftTime value for -1,.. and so on.

Other parameters of the Expert do not affect trading and they are included rather for convenience like language settings, for example. The Expert's interface can be in Russian (RU or RUS) or in English (EN or ENG).

Good luck with trading! Comments are welcome.

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Version 1.10 2014.12.22
System (basic):
- A more detailed setup of signals.
- The number of trades increased by +80%.
- Profitability of strategy increased by +120%.
- Risks are now lower by -18%.
- The system efficiency increased by +141%.

- Technical settings removed (optimal parameters are setup, ni additional adjustment needed).
- Improved calculation of the ShiftTime parameter (could be calculated incorrectly in some MT4).
- Redesigned "Smart Lot" - its efficiency is about +75% as compared to the fixed lot.
- Adjustment of notifications by SELECTING an appropriate parameter.
- MaxRisk combinations have several modes (see details in comments).

- EA code optimized, performance increased.
- The EA detects account currency (USD-EUR-RUR) and correctly calculates risks.