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Good Scalper Pro

Good Scalper Pro

Good Scalper is an active high-performance trend-following EA including multi scalping logic features compatible with all exchanges.

  • Equipped with multiple strategies
  • An active, stable trend-following EA
  • Stable safety design for long-term use
  • Simple and easy-to-use input parameters


Good Scalper is a high performance scalping robot equipped with multiple logics. The EA targets profits within narrow ranges on GBPUSD M15 chart using trend following system. Because it is equipped with logic that can handle all the market, even with high performance, it is a smart automatic trading system that has achieved low drawdown. It is a good Expert Adviser with a strong safety design that customers can use with confidence for a long period.


Product Types

There are three types of products.

  • Good Scalper Pro: Pro is the professional model featuring all functions. 
  • Good Scalper Lite: Lite is the entry model featuring only the standard functions.
  • Good Scalper Free: Free is the designated broker version.


Good Scalper Pro

---- General -----

Lots0.1  FixedLots to Trade
Slippage4  Slippage for Trade (pips)
MaxSpread5  Maximum Spreads For Open Trade  (pips)
MMfalse  If it is true, the lot will be calculated automatically.
  If false, LotSize is traded 
Risk0.5  Risk Allocation per Trade.
  Lot is chosen automatically based on percentage of the balance.
---- Max Position -----

Maxps3  Maximum number of open trades at a time
---- Magic Number -----

Magic26512  Set a unique number
---- Trade Symbol -----

stGBPUSDtrue  Trading Symbol  (if stop: false)
stEURUSDfalse  Trading Symbol  (if stop: false)
symb1GBPUSD  Input Symbol
symb2EURUSD  Input Symbol
---- SL / TP -----

BuyOrder_Limit_012  Buy: Distance to fix profit in pips
BuyOrder_Stop_055  Buy: Distance to fix loss in pips
SellOrder_Limit_0 15  Sell: Distance to fix profit in pips 
SellOrder_Stop_0 70  Sell: Distance to fix loss in pips 

Trading Requirements 

Caution is advised. In order to trade this EA, you need the following:

  • A good broker, with low spreads and stop levels.
  • A good Internet connection.
  • A lot of stamina.
  • Works great on ECN or low-spread account (no more than 2 pips).

Recommended Minimum Deposit

  • For Standard Forex accounts - 10,000 USD with the minimum lot of 0.1.
  • For Mini Forex accounts - 1,000 USD with the minimum lot of 0.01.


Backtest have been done with 99.90% Quality by Tickstory.

Good Scalper Web Site

It uses a unique Scalper strategy, no martingale, no hedging, no grid.

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Version 1.1 - 2014.12.03
Fixed an Account error.