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Positive Interest Swing Trade

I've developed this EA many years ago to automate my trading on AUDJPY. Today I'm still using this and have made many improvements to control the drawdown and increase profit.


  • Variable Grid Trading—Spacing between trades are variable
  • Smart Averaging—Losing trade is closed if combined profit of closed trades are more than the losing trade

Recommended time frame is H4. This EA trades in both direction (hedge). You can set the MT4 to trade in single direction as what I'm doing on my signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/21704.


  • Volatility — Leave as default
  • Multiplier — Adjust from 1.0, Step 0.25, Max 1.5
  • Sample Size — Leave as default
  • Trend Size — Adjust from 8, Step 4, Max 24
  • Min Lot (Start) — Minimum lot to start trading and adding position
  • Max Lot (Capped) — Maximum lot to stop adding position
  • Spacing — Express in pips
  • Slippage — Express in points
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