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Multi Moving Averages

Multi Moving Averages indicator is based on moving average. The indicator draws additional averages with a specified step for each timeframe. Thus it forms a channel.

Main Parameters:

  • Period - period of averaging of the moving average.
  • Method - method of averaging.
  • Color - color.
  • Number of Levels - number of additional levels.
  • Steps - step of levels for each timeframe.

This indicator can be used for a wide range of purposes. You can detect a trend using the slope of the average. The levels can be used for exiting and for entering the market by a trend.

It is recommended to use SMA (Simple Moving Average) as a basis, since it is resistant to spikes at correction.

Step is determined as one third of the volatility of the greatest timeframe.

For example, the step for Н4 EURUSD = 80 p. Approximately it is the volatility of D1.

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